Terrified ill just regain, has anyone dropped and kept it off?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by GuitarHero, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. GuitarHero

    GuitarHero Member

    Hi guys,
    my eating is just out of control at the moment. :(
    Broke up with a girl I still love, but her medical condition meant we both
    felt it was for the best, but god I'm heartbroken.

    Old habit of binge eating is back and I just can't get onto
    a proper programme as I have done in the past.

    Considering lipotrim, if even to just give myself a "break"
    from food and the fear it holds for me, simple question is:
    has anyone here successfully re-fed and maintained the weightloss?

    Would really appreciate any insights at all from people,
    used lipotrim like 3/4 years ago and lost weight,
    but my own bad habits put it back - was that my body "rebounding",
    or if you adopt a new healthy eating pattern, will you keep off what you lose?

    thank you SOuch for any replies at all on this. XO
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  3. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    There's a thread lower down saying living proof 2 years on. If you re feed properly and change your food habits for life then you should be fine x sorry to hear about your break up. Clique I know but time is a great healer x
  4. GuitarHero

    GuitarHero Member

    Thanks a million, lipoloser, really appreciate you taking the time to reply.
    Have an appointment for tomorrow and can't wait.

    Thanks again, night :-D
  5. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    Let me know how you get on ;) x
  6. GuitarHero

    GuitarHero Member

    -brilliant! :)

    they insisted I go home and watch the DVD again first, but have an appointment to drop in on sat and get started, can't wait. I know it's EXTREMELY challenging, but I also know how fast it works,
    and more importantly just so want a break from bingeing.
    Food is out of control for me, just can't fill that emotional hole
    that so many of is have. I'm 33 now,
    and think I might have finally got my head around how this is something
    I need to get a handle on once and for all.
    Have started counselling as well, and so far, so good!

    so sorry for rambling! lol nite nite, Alan
  7. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    This is a place for rambling and sharing your thoughts and problems. It's day ten for me and its almost normal now what I'm doing. Say with family who were eating Italian last night, my favourite, and I didn't even flinch. Feeling a little weak today but that will pass in sure. Think I missed a shake yesterday, that maybe why

    You sound like me. I am an emotional eater. Initially I do it for comfort but then I'm sure I do it for punishment too. Not a good relationship at all to have quoth food

    Keep me posted. If you want a buddy to help you, I'm happy to be I it. Message any time x
  8. GuitarHero

    GuitarHero Member

    excellent, will do, congrats on the italian meal! :D

    aim to post everyday in one way or another, cant wait to just get that first week over, please god!
    nite x
  9. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    I have a dilemma. its my 30th next weekend. I'm not bothered about going out and not eating or drinking but my partner is. so im torn on what to do I'm going to speak to my pharmacist. I don't really want to go refeed for a whole week, I literally want a chicken salad or something protein and one drink on my birthday then back on it. I'll see what he says x

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