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just finished 10 Day attack with 14 lb lose

Hi guys just finished my 10 day attack and lost 14 pounds I'm so chuffed :)but got so much more to lose:-/ just started my protein and veggies Day and I can't wait for dinner I
Gonna make a chilli and have with shredded lettuce are we allowed tinned tomatoes? Also another question do u all eat Swede on this stage? Hope your all doing wellThanks tina
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Hey Tina

14lbs is incredible - well done!

Swede and tinned tomatoes (make sure they don't contain sugar) are fine - enjoy!

P x


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Wow! Congratulations! That is pnenomenal. How on earth did you have the will power for 10 days of attack? Didn't you get bored? What did you eat?
S: 13st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st0lb(14.81%)
Crikey that's amazing! Well done! 10 days is a long attack, I would have got sooo bored - I was very grateful to finish and move on to pv.

Now you are cruising, don't be surprised for loss to slow down - a lot - or even gain a couple of pounds. Some of that will be water. Tomatoes are fine, but if tinned, check for added sugar. I'm always surprised at what they stick sugar in- claims like its a preservative or it's to improve flavour are the usual bunkum.

I avoided swede cos I thought it was too starchy, but if it's on the doctors list then it's ok. ( lost my book now so I can't check, and I seem to recall carrots sweet corn and peas count as too sweet or starchy as well) But butternut squash and celeriac are both allowed, plus green stuff generally, and they're so yum i never missed anything else.

Good luck!
Morning thanks so much for all your support makes it more encouraging to get praise:) I have found it ok this time actually but I think I'm in the right frame of mind this time I really don't want another fat summer:$ and I'm sick of wearing **** clothes all the time coz let's be honest they ain't as fashionable as smaller clothes and gets me down a bit, thinking of joining the gym next week to to help with weight lose, I was mainly eating eggs breakfast dukan porridge and maybe an egg lunch either chicken and a yog or dukan quiche. And dinner turkey burgers or chicken thighs. I am limited as I don't eat any sort of fish or red meet and def don't lamb so how are you all getting on? Did you do 1 Day of pp and 1 Day of pv or did u do a week of of each in the cruise? Xx


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thats an awesome loss - congratulations and well done for sticking to attack for 10 days...

i was supposed to be on attack for 7 days (according to the website) but day 5 came and i could not face two more without veggies so just cut it short and started cruise on day 6.

have fun on cruise eating all your veggies :p
S: 12st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st3lb(1.78%)
Wow! I'm on day 2 - I lost 2kg yesterday, I know its just water but so good for the motivation anyway.
I heard that if you whizz up cauliflower in the blender - I think you'd need to blitz it raw... not sure - and pour chili con carne or curry over the top then it takes the place of rice, but obviously without those dreaded starches (!). Assuming you whizz it raw then you wouldn't even lose any of its vitamins boiling it because the chili would warm it up if you mix it in.
Good luck for the rest of your "cruise".
S: 102.9kg C: 96.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 6.1kg(5.95%)
I do a 2/2 ratio for my pv and pp days. I find that's the one that's most effective for me because as soon as I get bored, it changes!
Do you eat seafood? Mussels, crab, crayfish etc? Or no seafood at all?
I eat a lot of seafood but I'm not a massive fish fan. I do make a fantastic seafood chowder though that's Dukan approved and it's super tasty.

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