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Just for fun.......

Go to Google.... type in your name and the word needs
'______ needs' then post on here the first 2 or 3 on the list.

ok... here goes kicking this off:

1. Lesley needs more activity and the state is paying to assign a staff member to her on a one to one basis every day for a couple hours.
ooooo I wish!!! ;)

[SIZE=-1]2. lesley needs laughs to power her hoverfleet[/SIZE]
well doesn't everyone? :D

3. Lesley needs to learn to choose her words carefully
:eek:oh.... I'll shut up then :rolleyes:

Go'on give it a try.....
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Intuitive Eater
Mine is bizarre:

The cat needs feeding
Dick needs clean underwear :eek: (how rude is that?!)
Anne Marie needs more clothes



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Wez needs to chime in on this Do I??
wez needs to go far, far away! Oh dear, it's glum reading.
where iz yous when wez needs youz? I think I went far, far away!

Kept me entertained...


Intuitive Eater
Okay, I did it this time in between apostrophes:

Jane needs a shot of adrenaline
Jane needs help
Jane needs a home

or my alter ego:

Janey needs a shooter
Janey needs a shooter
Janey needs a shooter

Oh okay, I guess I need a shooter?!!! :D


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[SIZE=-1]Mandy needs little introduction, having established herself as one of the funniest and most frequently pregnant comics in the local area. ...
[/SIZE]pregnant....errr i dont think so

Mandy needs a 6 ft fence as she can sail over 4 ft fences
of course :confused:

2. Mandy needs a thorough physical examination and some tests


Gone fishing
Karion needs a work plan to cater for her childish needs:clap: (or something like that)

Karion needs to have her pc removed immediately:wave_cry: (that was from minimins:eek:)

Karion needs to take her jeans off (minimins again!)

Okay...not the first 3, but the only ones that made sense:confused: :D


Working My Way to Thin!
Not sure if I have got this right, but here goes ...

Sue's needs are well beyond her means and that is why this appeal has been launched :(
This is obviously a direct appeal from my Credit Card company to support all my QVC purchases

Sue needs to go back to school to learn the basics of 'What Not to Wear' :mad:
If I want to wear electric green trousers with an orange polka dotted purple top then I will do!!

Sue needs a good home. She's got too big says new landlord, she's about 38lbs, 19 inches from floor to shoulder, has been spayed and has had all the shots :eek:
By my reckoning I have lost all my weight then!:), stupid Landlord doesn't know what he is talking about, mind you I appear to have shrunk by 3 inches and have some bits missing :eek:
Im not sure I like this!!

Sandy needs a girlfriend!

I dont think so!

Sandy needs killed real soon

Again, no thanks

Sandy needs a solution

Yeah thatll be to the getting killed issue!


Youre not kidding!!

Sandy needs a good home where she'll get lots of love

Throw in a handsome man to that and now youre talking ;)
Ok i did it and got.......

John needs operation after hooker bites penis.......

which was bad enough, but then i decided to do "looks like" and got

John looks like something out of Deliverance......

Not my day is it.......

Helen needs a cookie!!!! Clearly

Helen needs a bigger trophy case!!! For all my tropies of course

Helen needs to be put out to pasture!! Worryingly this one included my full name!!!

Helen needs stem cell therapy! I knew it!!!
Debbie needs a saddle - Think hubby might be slightly distrubed by this one!

Debbie needs a break - Self-explanatory after the saddle incident!

Debbie needs to give it up - whatever 'it' is (could be something do do with a saddle).
This IS fun

Kathy needs...to give herself some credit

Better if the bank would though

Kathy needs...to be back on the red carpet

Didn't know I was ever off it?

Kathy needs...all the support she can get

And that's what minimins is for!


Silver Member
Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful.
//After being sick this morning I s'pose I do!!

Rachel Needs Some Good Thoughts
//I really really do!

And Rachel needs help
//Of what sort tho?

Rachel strives to be the best she can be
//I'm getting there, honestly!

Rachel needs more caffeine
//You can never have enough!!

Lol!!! All very true today!! :D

Carol needs a nickname

Ok, got one thank you! lol Would just like the man it belongs to;)

Carol needs to be alert during and after delivery, to the extent medically possible.

Alert? Me? Only when I'm driving! The rest of the time I like sleeping!

Carol needs to lighten up

That's so true it's scary! I DO need to learn to relax and not be so easily stressed.

Carol needs teapots

Thanks but no thanks:D

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