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Just got back from the V Festival!



escaping the fat
I went to the Guilfest a couple of years ago and came back feeling exactly the same. Very smelly, very dirty and very enlightened. Kids have been calling me a secret hippy ever since.
lol I didn't take my camera due to fear of it being nicked!

Anyway just woke up, feel very rough!! has knocked my recovery back a week or two as well as I got bashed about a lot while I was there.

The music was good though, James were superb and so were the Proclaimers!!

Not sure about Dizzy Rascal though, made my ears bleed!

The toilets were something else though!! Disgusting is an understatement. People were weeing up against anything instead of going in them, I came out of a stall having bought a nice hat! to find two women with no bottom halves on squatting and weeing next to the tent!!

I also felt so old!!! When James were playing people around me were asking who they were!

Some of the people were so drunk it was dangerous, faces down in puddles of mud. People pushing each other over etc.

I got some guy try and take a swing at me as he bashed into me, knocked me flying, he fell into what can only be described as a urinal swamp and then tried to blame me, luckily two stewards lifted him up and removed him !!

Right I need to get to work and then I am straight back in the shower again, not sure the bleach has done the job yet.....
You've got me worried now as Cat is going to the O2 festival in Leeds next weekend. Still as you say the music was good, watched some on TV last night.

Hope you are ok Mike

Irene xx


Staff member
That sounds awful:sign0137::hitthefan:

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