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Just got xenical yipppeee but help!!!!!!

Hi all
Need help x i,ve just recieved xenical after plucking up the courage to go to the doctors but i think i seemed so clued up on everything (after reading lots and lots) that she kinda gave it me and said see you in a month. Problem is i have tried Alii but these instructions dont bo so easy to follow . What exactly am i allowed to eat how many grams of fat per meal .... are snacks allowed ? how many calories per meal. See i only tried Alli for a few days and i dont want to make any mistakes as i really dont fancy the side effects lol x thanks in advance and great site :sigh:
Ive just spotted info for new starters on this board but if anybody has any more helpful info that would be great
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Hey,well done on plucking up the courage to go to the docs :)

ok the 'rules' of xenical are pretty simple.
Only eat foods that have 5g or less of fat per 100g. This is the total fat content,not just sat fat.
15g fat per meal.
45 g fat per day.

There are sooo many things you can eat,you just have to have a good look at the packets to make sure it's under 5% fat.
I have 3 meals a day and snacks too.
Oh be careful with eggs and oily fish,some people have said they get side effects with these because the tablet cant tell good fat from bad fat so it just gets rid. It's just trial and error though coz some people are ok with things and others aren't.

Good luck with your xenical journey.

Claire x
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Hi. Remember, you don't HAVE to eat 15g of fat per meal or 45g per day these are maximum amounts. There will be a bit of trial and error but if you keep it generally low fat you shouldn't suffer any side effects. Have a look at myfitnesspal.com to get an idea of what calories you should be eating for your height and weight. Good luck!

KB x
snacks & alcohol

Thanks for your help didnt have aclue what to have this morning but looking at the fat content of things has really opened my eyes...
what about alcohol ?? ive got a bday party weekend and would usually have 1 or2 vodka diet cokes is this still ok to have. What do you snack on i;m hungry writing this and have had fruit and i am really not sure what to have x thanks again x more info than doctors
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Vodka's got very little (if any) fat and diet coke's all good so the drinking should be fine =) As for snacks try to go for stuff that's got low fat but high GI so it'll fill you up for longer. Typical snacks I eat a day are things like the apple and sultana alpen light bars or bags of ryvitta minis. Also bags of caramel snack-a-jacks have dropped all of a sudden below the 5% rule so they're good if you fancy something sweet.


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For snacks, I have fruit, Alepn Light bars, sugar free jelly, Snack a Jacks, and sometimes a Ryvtia with a Laughing Cow triangle.
You'll be fine with the vodka and diet cokes (except for the hangover maybe ;)) Obviously they do contain calories so you couldn't drink them indefinitely without gaining weight, but they're relatively low, at about 50cals per 25ml measure.
Welcome, and good luck :) It's a shame that you didn't get more advice at the doctors but you'll be able to find out everything you need to know here. It's a great source of support :)
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My new snack for this week is Tesco Light Choices melba toast, 6 of them in a little packet spread with Tesco Light Choices extra light smooth and creamy cheese spread (6% fat but I seem to be OK) I really feel as if I've had something after that...

KB x
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i was on xenical years ago before i had my son , i lost weight on that medication (but put it all bk on when i got pregnant and after i had my son. xenical is very good as log as you stick tovery low fat foods. butter is the worst, even using a tiny bit can make u have the dreaded orange oil side effect. i found i had lot of tummy ache when i was on xenical . good luck with your weigh loss :)
Thanks to everyone for your replys really really helpful . dont know what i would have done today without your advice ..... anyway 1st day over with bring on the next x:jelous:
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Can`t really add to all the great advice already but wanted to say welcome & good luck :D


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