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Just had a big wee!

I try to have things which don't weigh much in my tummy on WI day. I have weetabix for brekky normally which makes me run to the loo.........
Then cottage cheese, or a small sandwich or veg soup for lunch and a cereal bar at 2pm is the last thing I have before getting weighed.
It's all psychological I'm sure but I'm the same as you, not much food on WI day!


Nojo on the YoYo
It's deffo psychological, though i think it's the 'former fat girl' mentality. When i was at my biggest i'd still obsess over my weight, get really miserable when I weighed myself, go out and eat enough chinese food to feed four people, sometimes with fish n chips for afters, then weigh myself again.

I can 'put on' up to half a stone in one sitting you know? Then the next day when 5lbs of that was gone i'd be all like 'Oh wow i've lost 5lbs eating loads of food how good am I?' when really i'd put ON 2lbs overnight.
I weigh from home first thing on a Monday morning, so dont have this stress anymore!! Can sympathise with you though!


Nojo on the YoYo
Ah, 1.5 off last week - but this Sunday just gone, bloody Liverpool Food festival got me. So hoping for STS tonight and no bloody gain! :(


Nojo on the YoYo
Heh posted pictures off all the cakes I didn't eat but wanted to on my blog. But got suckered by the schnitzel. gah.

And I didn't get that job :( They said they really liked me, I did everything right, but they went with someone with more experience. So was a bit gutted after all that stressing and work on a presentation.
Oh what thats rubbish!! :( Sorry you didn't get it. I know its easy to say but there'll be something else out there for you, & with your talent someone will want to snatch you up (for the job!) ;)

Will have a peek on your blog now.
Yes I do :p

You know the whole WW danish loaf malarky......last week my consultant told us that people had confused the brown loaf with the danish & if they had 3 slices of the brown they'd been having 7.5 syns but she made the point that 3 slices of the danish is definately a HEXB! Woops, somethings gone wrong somewhere! :eek:


Nojo on the YoYo

See even the consultants don't realise - and I didn't til yesterday 0 that there are two danish WW loaves, a brown one and a malted one. malted is 2.5 syns per piece, brown is 2 syns per piece.

Brown WW bread thick sliced is 2 slices for a HEb. Brown danish is 3 slices. Malted danish is off the radar.


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