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Just had a visit from the nice ambulance man


Gone fishing
Blast, blast!!

Got the gallbladder problem again. So painful :(

DH has just started a new job (works nights) and had gone, so it was just me and DS2.

DS2 had gone to bed, and the pain started. It was agony. Just hurts so much. I didn't know what to do. Took some painkillers and paced, then writhed around on the floor for a while.

Decided it was bad enough to wake DS2, just in case I passed out, or needed to call a taxi to take me to hospital.

I couldn't speak by then (well hardly), so DS2 looked up NHS direct on the internet and phoned them for advice. Clever DS2;)

NHS direct called an ambulance. My pain is always central/left and crushing, so they assume heart attack (which I knew it wasn't, but I guess they have to play safe).

Ambulance took about 5 minutes :clap: DS2 was the lookout. Just as it turned the corner for our road, the pain went just as quick as it came:confused:

Shattered, but completely pain free. It's incredible really. I felt such a fraud:eek:

Mr Ambulance man still wanted to do the ECG thingy and take blood, so we went through the motions.

I said I felt fine, and he agreed that everything seemed okay now. Signed a form to say that I take full responsibility ie refused to go to hospital. Okay...didn't outright refuse. Just didn't see any point.

Must go back to the doctor. He said that it never just goes away. It will keep coming back.


Do feel stoopid though. DS2 gone back to bed, and I'm here on my todd.:sigh: Might have an early night.
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Queen of the Damned
Oh KD, get some sleep and rest honey :hug99: I wish you had gone to hospital to get it checked out though...


Gone fishing
Thank DQ. I am shattered now, but my brain is working overtime My face is swelling too now :confused:

OMG, I'm falling to bits:eek: Just taken some antibiotics that I found:sigh:

I will go to the doctors though and see what she says about having the GB taken out for good. I so don't want to though :cry:

Feeling kinda lonely here at the moment, but so relieved the pain went and I don't have to spend the night in hosp. Very lucky really.
KD honestly the discomfort from having keyhole surgery to remove the GB is a doddle after suffering this pain, GB pain is the most awful pain ever, I would rather have twins naturally.
Wow you were lucky your pain went, the only way mine would go would to be in hospital, on a drip and doped up on morphine or pethidine (was pregnant with youngest towards the end).
I nearly lost Cal due to pancreatitis, they were going to induce me at just under 6 months pregnant, they even gave me the steroids to bring on his lungs.


Gone fishing
I'm not scared of the discomfort of the op. just hate how it eats into my busy schedule. If they just called me in today and did it, I'd be okay, but it's trips back and forth to the hospital for pre-checks, scans blah blah. Then sending me an appointment for the op just before Xmas, when I'm at my very busiest as school :(

I know my health is important, but these 'appointments' always come when I'm feeling in tiptop shape again.

I suffer from selective amnesia;) Once the pain is gone, I like to think thats that. Unfortunately, I'm told that it will keep coming back until the GB is removed:(

You're right about the pain. Absolute agony. Twice I've had to go the morphine route. Couldn't believe it this time when it just went all on it's own:eek:

One minute crawling on the floor in pain, the next second I'm up as if nothing has happened. No pain. Shakey and sweaty, but no pain:confused:

Thank goodness for that though.
Glad the pain went as quickly as it came. I too suffered with gall bladder probs for about 3 years, each attack seemed to get worse - I thought I was dying, it was terrible. Went through the same as you and Sonya with hospital and morphine, pethedine etc. Eventually had it removed through keyhole surgery and it was so worth it. I, like you, postponed the op twice because it was inconvenient at the time, but wish I didn't after I'd had another attack. Hope you are feeling better now, but you should really seriously consider getting it removed hun xx


Gone fishing
Thanks Cheryl. I kept thinking about you when it was going on. Thinking how lucky I was that it was just my GB and I didn't have the worries that you must be going through.

I will make an appointment with the doctor and start the ball rolling again:sigh:

It's hard enough keeping up with the constant dentist appointments at the moment! Stupid thing is, when I'm not in agony, I feel so fit and healthy. Hardly ever get a cold or stomach problems. Very lucky these days.
Right KD, I'm going to be very strict with you now! Brace yourself. No more excuses, you must get this sorted, what if you had been in the house all on your tod? That would have been really awful. Just think, get it done and it's gone forever. A bit of inconvenience has to be worth it. You get down that doctors today or else!!!!

Has that done the trick?

Just glad you are feeling better now Darling, but you MUST get it sorted!!!

Love and hugs
Poor you its sounds horrible. If you went to A&E they would surely scan you straight away?? Maybe there is a stone moving around and thats why pain was acute then stopped?

I know you are busy, however you must check it out whether the pain has stopped or not. Who knows when it will happen again or where:(

Hope you are feeling better now:hug99:
KD the drs prefer to operate on GB `S when its not flared up, I was told so many times they will operate when its not causing me any pain, so get yourself along to you gp and get it sorted now...... or me n Barb will be round and we will drag you ourselves.

Ifthey have to remove it whilst it is inflamed there is a higher chance of infection from it when removed. So dont feel like a fraud, you must get it done or it will lead on to more serious problems like jaundice and pancreatitis, which is what happened to me !!!!!! Then you will be in hospital for weeks at a time instead of an overnight stay for the surgery !!!!!!

Hope you seek help hun its for your health and safety !!!
Thats it Son, you and me will form a posse and we'll get round to Karion's and cart her off!

I like that idea!Tee Hee!


finding my way again !
ditto all the other comments.
when i had my health scare recently i was able to make my own appointment on line ( know you're close to me) so i made it when convenient for me, at least that way you will be able to book it to cause least disruption to your routine.
get it sorted sooner rather than later or i REALLY WILL COME & FIND YOU & i'm closer than Sonya hehehe
xx :)
I will do. Probably not today unless I can do it online. Definitely tomorrow. Got to go to school now.

pandora. I've never thought to do it online. Would be much easier. I do my prescriptions by email, which is great. Hate phones.

Wonder how I find out. Guess I just google my doctors surgery?
Just checked. Got to phone in or walk down there for an app. No online booking. Shame.

Right. Must fly..running late. Thank you everyone. Given me the push I need.
Hi Karion,

May I add my voice to the deafening chorus of 'JUST DO IT!'?? I had my GB out in July thru' keyhole surgery. It was a real non event after the GB attacks. The recovery was super fast - I mowed the lawn on day 4 post-op - don't tell the consultant :eek:, but I felt so well and he did say 'Just listen to your body'!! Haven't looked back and it's such a relief not to have to worry about it any more.

Like Sonkie, my sister got really ill before hers was taken out - failing liver, compromised kidneys - don't let that happen to you, okay.
i saw my GP & he gave me the web site & a unique ref no & hey presto, so 'fraid you'll need to see your gp first ! then all systems go.
good luck
xx :)
Ahhh right. Haven't had a chance to make an appointment today, and by the time I finish work today they'll be shut. Will go down tomorrow morning and make an appointment. Promise.

Hi Karion,

May I add my voice to the deafening chorus of 'JUST DO IT!'?? I had my GB out in July thru' keyhole surgery. It was a real non event after the GB attacks. The recovery was super fast - I mowed the lawn on day 4 post-op - don't tell the consultant :eek:,
I'll look forward to it :D I have got a nasty habit of going back to work much too early. Brain op, return to work 4 days later instead of 2 months:eek: Laparoscopy, back to work the same day.

I'm a hopeless cause.:eek:
Ahhh right. Haven't had a chance to make an appointment today, and by the time I finish work today they'll be shut. Will go down tomorrow morning and make an appointment. Promise.
I'm a hopeless cause.:eek:
Strangely, I didn't notice an update on this today. I'm sure you didn't break a promise though. Not to all us nice folks. What would we do without you?

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