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Just had an Epiphany!


Starting Again!
OK so it's half 4 in the morning and I'm munching some home made meringue and I was looking at the inside thinking "what does that remind me of" then it hit me PRAWN CRACKERS!!

So here's my theory, you whisk up some egg whites add a touch of salt, and some sort of prawn flavouring, do they do prawn essence? (I don't know the logistics of this - I'm the ideas girl YOU come up with the nuts and bolts!) and spread a thin layer on a fry-lighted baking sheet and cook like meringue until its crispy and break up! Or possibly fry a little in a frying pan a bit like a pan cake maybe?

Trust me I will be trying this as soon as everyone in the house is concious and I don't have to fear sleepy Mum and her pillow of doom!

I don't want to get into a discussion on whether they'd have syns because they can be seen as a snack, I'm too excited at this posibility of prawn crackers with my syn free stir fry!

Yiipppppeeeeeeeeee! :D

Natt xxx
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Miss Q

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Wow I hope there is such a thing as Prawn Essence. Or, Essence of Prawn. Or Prawn Extract, or....ah I'm too excited! Report back if you find anything.
Now theres a thought, wonder if you smashed up a bag of skips and added them to the merangue it would take on the flavour? It would have syns but you might not need a whole bag, just enough to flavour. Or, maybe some fish sauce from the supermarket would do the trick.

Actually, why don't you just ask in a take-a-way what they are flavoured with, it might be easier lol.

Brilliant idea though esspecially for that early in the morning. xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Why not just blend some prawns??? Not my cup of tea (cant stand the evil fishy little blighters), but it may just work?
Urrrrrrrrrgh this thread is making me want to hurl! No offense Squiddie!! Just the thought of fishy meringue..........:yuk:


Bears dont dig on dancin'
The whole prawn extract thing is bugging me now! You can get it as all the recipes for take-away ones have it. Either that or prawns blended with tapioca flour and deep fried! Healthy!! Lol. X


Slow but sure....
Squiddie, you are a genius, 'fishy meringue's' sound awful.....but it will probably work, I think the pounded up fresh prawn theory will give you the best flavour......good luck with your experiment's, and keep us informed of your progress. X


I will succeed!!!
Love this thread! it's hilarious!

The idea is good - but I think it'll be one of those 'trial and error' things until it suits your taste. But interested to see if it works!

I love prawns - could eat them all the time. :)



Starting Again!
Well I asked the expert (my Mum) and she also said real prawns, now I'm not into fish (hold your jokes) so I like the smashed up skips idea. Walkers must get the flavour from somewhere too! I'm thinking in the mean time I could make some sort of oriental flavour with soy sauce or something... but I have a feeling if I use any liquid it will affect the texture (I thought of using fish stock) so maybe some curry powder etc. Anyway I'll keep thinking then I might make a couple of batches with different flavours and report back :D


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I don't get to sleep very well (talking hours to nod off....) but I think that's mostly due to caffeine.....
Oh well, getting off thread here, sorry - keep coming up with the strokes of genius, you are a star!
I have a local speciality thai/chinese supermarket and they ahve flavourings for everything. I bet theres dried prawn or powdered prawns or summat in there.... will take a look next time Im along there.

Great thinking! Low syn prawn crackers .... now you are talking lol
I know Asda do prawn flavoured instant noodle things (smart price i think)... but they have a sachet of flavouring in them....
god knows whats in it... or whether it tastes of prawn but maybe worth a try?

Good luck! let us know how you get on!! xx

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