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Just had my first meal ....


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Hi, is this your 12th week where you have to go to the 810 plan. It must be nice to have a small meal. I'm worried about doing the 12th week as I don't want to have to say goodbye to food all over again when the week is over. Would rather just ss all the way through but I know we can't. Zoe x
I wish I could go straight through and not eat anything at all till I am within sight of goal and then start adding food slowly.

Is it writen in stone that you have to eat on the 12th week.:wave_cry:


loving life
Hi Louie, apparantly it's in the NICE guidence that you should not follow a diet where food isn't consumed for more than 12 weeks at a time. So we have to break for 1 week then can go back on. By the why does anyone know what the hell the NICE guide is. Zoe x
I have no idea Zoe, but then you sent me some IM's and I don’t know what they are either, I left you a message on my “10 stone or more” thread. Please explain and tell me where to read them. Sorry to be thick. Louie


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Hi loui, i'm not that great either lol but I think if you click on Loui lou's photo gallery there is a section in there that says my messages. We can pm each other now as we have done over 50 posts which is a lot easier and if you have a message then it comes up that you have one when you log in (the bit where it says welcome and how long ago you visited etc) and you just click on it. To send one go to user cp and it's all in there. Good luck Zoe x


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I need to do some time on SS+ before 810, have to get properly used to food again! I actually put weight on after my first week on SS+, but then so did my CDC and she says it soon sorted itself out - so hopefully mine will too! :eek:
It's actually my 11th week but I decided to do it a week early as it's half term next week and it will be nice to eat something with the kids.I really enjoyed my turkey and salad.I'm absolutely paranoid I'm going to gain weight on 810 though.

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Hun, just checking did you have black pepper or peppers???? cause on 810 peppers aren't listed. It's amazing how different food tastes when you come back to it isn't it!! xxx


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Hey Rose.
Good on you hon......your doing fab. i was so scared too about eating and putting on weight,it took me to week 14 to do it.. but now Im planning on staying on ss+ as I felt a bit more normal on it especially going to the toilet daily..

I lost 2 1/2 pounds on my first week of ss+ but to be honest even if you do put on, on the first week it just kind of teaches us that after our body will go up and down once we are maintaining and it will be something we have to get used to..

Good luck hon your doing great x


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NICE is the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and produces medical guidelines so that healthcare is standardised nationally


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Rose, don't be worried you won't put on any weight due to food.

This may sound a little over the top, but if you ignore weight lost due to water, lets say your fat lost is 54lb in 11 weeks, thats mean 0.7lb of fat lost per day, which is the equivalent of 2450 calories a day, so that means you are using 2450 + Cambridge food a day = 2850 a day.

I think you would agree 810 is a lot less then 2850, which means you will keep losing weight.

As said before just ensure you are strict with yourself and keep off the carbs.

Don't worry you will lose


loving life
Thanks Vickie and Sunflower for the answer on the NICE explanation. Zoe xx
Thanks all :) Especially the scientific explanation of the calories :)
Oh and it was black pepper sprinkled on, not green peppers :)

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