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Just had my weigh in :(


2010 - Year I get slim :)
I just had my weigh in :(

Bearing in mind that I spent all last night drinking diet coke :(

And unfortunatly...

I lost....

-6lbs YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahahaha I had you fooled didn't I muahahah I am an evil ***** I know :p

I cannot believe I have lost 6 pounds this week! More than the past two weeks! And I have had the bars and diet coke! I nearly fell of the scales in shock I really did.

It means I am now 17st 8 and in the space of 4 weeks on this diet I have lost a total of 1 stone 11 pounds :D

Nothing could wipe the giant smurk that is on my face today :D I am over the moon. Let this be a lesson to you all, I have gone out last night on a leaving party....stayed on diet and just drank diet coke...partied till 3am.. and still had nearly a half a stone loss.

So chuffed all :D My CDC was really happy for me. My confident and my self worth is on the rise... I have never felt this positive about myself for many years I just want to thank the Cambridge Diet soo much.. if I could I'd hug it!!!

Take Care xxx
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Size 14 here i come!
Really happy for you, fantastic loss!! You sound very plaesed and so you should be. I hope i'm as happy after my wi on mon,lol


Slimming down the aisle
Well done, that's a great loss!


Silver Member
excellent, well done you
ah thats great good on ya :D:D
That is fantastic, well done you!
wow thats really good, well done ( you def had me fooled!) and well done too for having a successful night out, i know how easy it is just to say oh what the hell, a couple wont hurt, etc etc
Well done that's brilliant - and yes you fooled me, I really opened this with trepidation as I knew how well you'd done last night and hated the thought of anything knocking you down.

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