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Just joined today!

Hello Kitty,

I'm new today too. i do weight watchers but have done slimming world in the past. I too find it very hard to loose weight so maybe we could spur each other on and keep each other motivated.

Good luck. you can do it. x
Hi Rhibenett! Thanks for your reply. Definitely up for having a motivation partner! What's your name? Mine's Katie. :) xx
Just noticed your introduction thread. I'm
38, married, no kids. You sound really similar to me. Each time I embark on a new diet, I end up bigger than when I started!! :-( I also struggle with depression. It looks like we are perfect to give each other support and help. :)
My name is Rhiannon or people call me Rhi for short. They probably get fed up of typing my long name i reckon. lol

it'll be nice to have a motivation partner as i really struggle with willpower. How is your willpower? :) xxx
Sorry cross posted you then. Sorry to hear you also suffer from the horrid depression. Sounds like we will be perfect motivation buddies. Yay :) Do you work? xxx
Just noticed your introduction thread. I'm
38, married, no kids. You sound really similar to me. Each time I embark on a new diet, I end up bigger than when I started!! :-( I also struggle with depression. It looks like we are perfect to give each other support and help. :)
My willpower is really terrible! I'll talk myself into having something naughty saying "oh it's ok, I'll just start again tomorrow!".. But then do the same again the next day. I get on my own nerves! :)
Yes I work for O2 in the Corporate department. Its good. You? X
LOL You sound Exactly like me! I do that too. It's amazing how many times i say i will start tomorrow. I joined WW 2 years ago last april and am only 3 pounds lighter now than when i joined. i had got 21 pounds off but then seem to have put it all back on almost. My willpower is awful. We'll just have to talk each other out of being naughty it seems won't we? I am a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in the states next year and i would really like to be thinner than i am now.

I work at Southampton university in their IT department. Do you get the chance to come on here during work time or is it only in the evenings?
I'll be able to go on here at lunch and break times, but I work full time so it will be mainly evenings.
I have 6 stone to lose, maybe more, which is really depressing. I can't understand why I've let it go this far. Easier said than done though isn't it? I hate it when thin people make comments about really big people like "I don't understand how they can let themselves get that big, it's disgusting." obviously they don't understand that there may be underlying issues. I'm nearly 6 foot so I carry my weight off quite well and people are often surprised when I say how much I want to lose, but that doesn't really detract from the fact that I do need to lose loads. I try to break it down into goals of 2 stones at a time. Doesn't seem as much of a longhaul then! :)
Yes, my willpower is ****. I'm fine at work, no problem. It's evenings and weekends. I like my wine, which stops weight loss if you overdo it (which I do quite often!! - ha ha!!)
I'm rejoining SW on Thursday night so I'm really wanting it to be successful this time!
I love eating steak and chips and peas on SW and then a big bowl of strawberries with fat free natural yogurt and sweetener and it not having a single syn!!! Yum!!!
Also, bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms & tomatoes on a weekend! I'm looking forward to it.
Do you prefer WW then? Xx
Rhi, did you get my last post? My iPhone is going a bit weird! :-/ x
Hiya Hun,

Whoop whoop just found the iPhone app for this. Will make it much easier to post in the evenings whilst watching tv lol.

Yes I got your post but been to the gym and now just having tea. Late I know! I'll respond properly when I've finished eating xxx
No probs. Yes the iPhone app is good when my iPhone isn't playing up! :):)
Sorry about that. I've eaten my tea now. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or your iPhone was meaning the post hadn't come through.

We really do sound so similar. I'm always fine when I'm at work too. My problems are also evenings and weekends when I'm home and can easily get at food. At least at work I'm distracted.

You make a good point about how big people are perceived and how people think how did they let themselves get that big. It's amazing how it creeps up on you though. Having two kids certainly didn't help me plus my youngest had serious health problems at only 3 weeks old so it was a lot of eating junk food in hospital so I never got the baby weight off. Kids! The things we do for them.

I'm lucky that I can get on here quite easily during my working day provided no-one is in the meeting room behind my desk as that is the only place I can see my pc lol.

WW does suit me better I think as I'm always quite tired by the evening and like to have a ready meal with some added veg etc for tea which is no good on the SW diet.

Whereabouts in the country are you from out of interest?

Do you manage to exercise at all? I'm really trying hard to increase the amount I do xxx
I'm from Leeds in the north. I work really stupidly long hours, like 7am until 7pm some days (my fault) so I only get chance to exercise on the wii or Kinect. I want to try and start swimming though. My job is sitting down all day though. I really am determined this time though.
How much have you got to lose, if you don't mind me asking? 6 or 7 stone for me.. Sounds so much.
I'm from Southampton down South so opposite end of the country to you. lol

I've got 7 stone to loose at least. That would take me down to 10stone which is only just in the healthy range so i am going to see what i look like then as to whether i loose anymore. Like you say it sounds so much and i think i often see it as an impossible task. I'm now trying to be realistic and set myself mini goals of half a stone at a time until i get going i think. xxx

I work 8-3pm monday - thursday due to my kids but seem to be on the go all the time what with swimming lessons, gymnastics lessons etc. My job is sitting down all day too hence why i am trying to increase the exercise. Like you i am determined although that rarely lasts long but i really want it to this time so we'll have to help each other when the determination and willpower starts slipping.
I'm rejoining SW tomorrow as have been out of action for 2 months due to a prolapsed disc! So that will be depressing, no doubt!
So tomorrow night will be my last supper! Maybe a pizza. Which I love!!!! Major downfall...
Today I've had some brown toast with low fat spread and a muller light. Lunch I'm having a mugshot, with some fruit after. Tea will be not as good but from Friday onwards I will be trying my hardest. I want a good 1st week loss.
What's your food plan for the day?
How do you upload a profile pic? It says I can't view my profile..
Good luck for rejoining SW tomorrow night. Both of us WILL have a loss next week!. I don't blame you having a last supper tomorrow night. I would do the same. It's handy that both of us have the same weigh day.

Ouch to your prolapsed disc. How is it now?

Your menu plan sounds good for you today but like you say it'll be a fresh start on friday for you.

I've decided to try the optislim plan (bit like slimfast) but mix it with the ww plan as i can count the optislim shakes as points so i can still follow ww. So far i have had a strawberry shake for breakfast and i will have one for lunch. I am planning some cold meats, salad and potato's for tea with an activia yoghurt and maybe a glass of wine watching the apprentice.

You have to get to 50 posts to upload a pic and view your profile it says. I am just a chataholic so got there quickly. So getting chatting hun...... lol xxxx
Hi!! My back is loads better, thanks, but it's sitting on my sciatic nerve a little bit now so it hurts down my leg. Ouch!!! :)
I am also watching The Apprentice, with wine! I love both! Ha ha :) I hate Natasha with a passion! Used to hate Jim but really warmed to him last week. Who's your fave?
So 50 posts, does that include all replies? I'll have to get chatting away! :)

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