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Just made toffee and walknut muffin

Muffins are best in chocolate I find - sometimes with a little bit of coffee in them.

The first time I tried it was a disaster - but it is worth persevering. Now they come out yummy, and you can make a kind of icing stuff out of a vanilla pack, I'm a secret gormet!

It is trial and error though, big stylee - sometimes I make things that are horrid - and then try again, and they come out ok. It also depends on the nutterness of your microwave.

I think my is bordering on criminally bonkers.

good luck, and don't give up just cos the first muffin wasn't starbucks quality!



is going to loose!
Where do I find the cooking instructions to make said muffins, GOD I AM DROOOLING NOW OVER THE KEYBOARD....

Chilli crisps are fab - just had them for lunch. Vegetable ones are good too but don't like any of the others for crisps. My fist attempt wasn't too good but I have it off to a tee now. haven't tried muffins though yet.


always lurkin around!
i tried the muffin ..didnt work 4 me either was just a sticky mess..wouldnt mind the crisps though ..
I can't live without the crisps, as my taste buds have gone bonkers and soups are now on the yuck list!

I make mine into large poppadum type things, i can get 3 out of one pack. Sometimes i might only make two and then soup out of the rest of the pack.

I find all of the tasty apart from the spicy tomato as they don't crisp up very well and are a bit chewy.

Enjoy, its all a bit trial and error! I always eat what I have made, even if its a bit horrid :0) I am too greedy!!

Theresa x
I'm scared to make the crisps incase I get them wrong.

You may have to tell me how you get them right, I have vegetable soup so would that be nice?
You need a non stick sheet to make the crisps or I find that it doesn't work. Mix your soup into a thick paste, and then spread a teaspoon full thinly onto the sheet. Put in the microwave for about a minute, keep checking so it doesn't burn. If it is done, it will peel off the sheet, if not, bung it back in for a few more seconds. Peel off the sheet and leave it to crisp up, and voila!!

Yummy yum.

Let me know how you get on!

Theresa x

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