Just maintaining?


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Anyone else just aiming to maintain over the season of goodwill? I'm finding myself not losing but hopefully also not gaining.

So the loss is stagnating currently but i'm finding this is the most realistic option for me right now.

How about you guys?
Yes. I'd like to carry on losing up to Christmas itself, even though I have some work dos, but I'm aiming to maintain Christmas week itself and hopefully get straight back to losing in the new year.
I am hoping to hit target Christmas eve and then maintain over Christmas - two big goals but I can do it with all the help I get on here

Rosie x
I just started weight watchers today, and although it is a funny time to start a diet, there is no time like the present. I'm in the same position with work parties and of course there is christmas day itself.

For the work parties it's vodka and diet coke which is only one point and during the day i am going to eat loads of zero point soup, which will then leave 25 points to indulge in food and drink for the evening.

As for Christmas day, i'm going to ensure that i save four points a day on that week (sat - sun) and also try and exercise to earn 12 points in which i can indulge. Hopefully, i won't gain too much.