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Just need a moan, soz xx

Hi all, soz just need to moan, my little boy started fulltime school a week ago and things are just not going well for him, ive had two run ins with his teacher already one for a little boy calling him stupid just because he cant talk properly (ive just managed to get him some speech therapy after a yr as the clinic kept messing us around), the teacher never said a word to the boy either, the other because everytime my son talks to the teacher she ignores him wouldnt mind if she was busy but she stares at him then just walks away. I was waiting for him to come out the other day and she made him wait til last as she couldnt see me although i was calling and waving and yet again he was trying to gain her attention to tell her i was there. Maybe its just me ive not been well this past week due to an infection in my face im on antibiotics but its not helping, Im not getting much water into me and im struggling with the shakes and soups. Cos im a bit low i think im taking everything to heart, if ya know what i mean. Soz just needed to vent :sigh: kel xx
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That's awful - can you make an appointment with the head?? I hate bullying of any kind and my son had speach therapy because he had hearing problems caused by glue ear. He's fine now though, so good luck to your little boy.
Hugs hun.
One word I can truly say I detest is 'stupid' it should be banned, i would go see the head and air your feelings and see if you can sort it now before it gets any worse.

Good luck hunni.xx
that is horrible, i'd want to be getting this sorted ASAP. I'd definitely get an appointment with the head. Are the school aware of his issues?
Hi thanks for your reply, my son had glue ear and had grommets put in in June, ive made an appointment to see the head but she would prefer me to try and sort it out with the teacher 1st. I'll just have to try and give it a go i'll wait til tomorrow then my OH can come with me xx
Hi there ,didnt want to read and run. If i were you id speak to his teacher after school when you collect him. Im a nursery nurse and a mum of three and theres no way id let a teacher continually ignore a child. It is possible that she feals bad that she cant understand your son but she still shouldnt ignore him. Is she a young/new teacher?
Tell her honestly how you feal and how your son feals about the way he's being treated....dont get heated stay calm.If she isnt interested then id see the head teacher and bring it to his/her attention.
You sound really run down so hopefully your antibiotics will kick in and start to work soon...if not get yourself back to the docs!!!
Good luck x
My godson had glue ear and speach probs because of it,he had trouble at school but a word with the head sorted it.if its any consolation he is 7 now and the glue ear and grommets are things of the past,his speach has caught up and he is very happy at the school now.
Hi, 'Is she a young/new teacher?'
Yes she is a young teacher, there are 2 teachers in one big room with 2 lsa's and 50 children each have there own end of the room.

I'm always calm lol im one of these people that stands there and takes it all and then walks away all upset then wishes i had said what i wanted to say, lol. kel xx
My son had the same. After talking to the teacher he kind of became her pet. They still have a hug if he see's her now and he's 21, and in the RAF. "From Little acorns" and all that. Hang on in there.
Since shes young she may just not have come across a child with speach problems yet and is unsure how to handle it....no excuse i know,shes a teacher after all but the friendly word after school may be all it takes. If you think you may not be able to say exactly what you want to say write it down and if you feal like your getting upset or your not being listened to simply hand her the note and say something like " incase i got a bit flustered i wrote it all down for you". We've had a few parents at nursery do this and its never been a problem.
Good luck with the meeting!
My daughter had it too and I have to keep explaining to the teacher that she couldn't hear words it was just noise as she needed to make sure she was looking at my daughter when she spoke to her, after a few gentle reminders she was great. Daughter is in yr 2 now and still has trouble with her hearing (still having grommits) but the teacher are ok.
i hate that word stupid, my daughter only began speaking in year one of primary school,and was branded as backwards (another word i hate) she is now year 5 middle school, and did a mock stats exam, in her reading/writing exam she fell off the scale ie, they could not test her any further as she was capable of doing the work of a child in year 8 (second year of high school) she is 10 and able to do above and beyond that of a 13 year old, her maths is a year ahead of herself, she still remains quiet but thats who she is, she opens up to her family and tends to clamp shut in public/school, we all have weaknesses and strengths its finding them sometimes, i knew she was neither stupid or backward and would get very frustrated with her primary school teachers/head, as they would not listen they would not insist she spoke in class if she did put her hand up to answer a question she was ignored which broke her confidence again, i can sympatise but get stuck into the school they should be looking after our kids when we are not there x


getting slimmer
think everyone elses advice is great.
good luck with it, try not to let it get you down! xx

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