Just need a rough guide


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Hi Tara

I had 42lbs to lose and i am allowing 1/2 stone a month with would be 6 months - anytime quicker would be a bonus!

Have a look in other peoples diaries and see how much ppeople are losing - thats what i did. Everyone loses weight at different rates but its usually said 1.5-2 per week

Good luck

Donna x


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I agree with Donna, I would aim for about 7lb a month. So that would mean roughly about 10 months. Are you hoping to lose the whole 69lb by your 40th? I think it would take longer than 5 months to lose the whole lot, but I'd say you could definatly be into a healthy BMI range by that time. The problem is knowing how quickly it will come off as everyone is different, but as Donna said, a 1.5-2lb loss a week is average. :)

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7lbs is achievable and realistic and means you can break your goal into 10 mini chunks of 7lbs which you should be able to chalk up really quickly.

Good luck xx


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okay, ladies, thanks for that. i will aim for 7lbs, and even in 5 months i will look a lot better, 35 off, would be great.