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Just need to have a place to talk

Hi Everyone,
My name is Dee and I have started the JUDDD diet officially Monday with an up day. It should have been a down day but I over ate. Let me explain a bit about myself and what I have been doing.
I am one of those people that have tried tons of diets, only to get to the point where it is very inconvenient and I need to stop being so diligent because life happens and I can’t be so diet minded all the time. This ADD, or IF appeals to me because I can usually go without breakfast or lunch most days. I am not someone that wakes up ready to eat in the first place, so I got into doing Fast 5. Fast 5 got me into JUDDD. Last week I started fast 5, making my 5 hour window later in the day, 4:30 - 9:30. During the day I’d drink water and black coffee, and right around 3:30, I’d start to get hungry and would gulp down a big glass of water to help me the last hour or so. I started reading about JUDDD and it appealed to me because I think it would already fit in nicely with what I have already been doing for the past week. So basically, I’d eat during my window, but only eat 500 calories or so. The problem I was having with fast 5 is that I would overeat during my window (taking in nearly a day or more worth of calories in 5 hours) since there is no calorie restrictions, we are just supposed to refrain from overeating, that is my personal problem. Once I start eating, I have a really hard time stopping.
So knowing that I can't have more than 500 every other day helps me maintain that limit, fairly easily... and then when I am feeling tempted, I just remember that tomorrow, I can eat what I want and more of it. I think the hardest thing will be being "good" during my up days and not overeating. So I will try to incorporate the water and black coffee as snacks to keep me full in between meals, rather than eating more food. I think that if I commit to eating around 500 calories 3x a day, plus room for desserts and treats (that I will undoubtedly want) I could stick to 2000 calories a day on Up days.

I am committing myself to this for at least 1 month. I have marked my calendar and will weigh myself daily so I can keep track of the fluctuations. I understand that weight changes from day to day, but there should be an overall downward pattern forming and I want to see it happening.

I almost forgot to mention, I am a kindergarten teacher, on my summer vacation and live in the states. NJ to be exact. I am 30, 5'10 and weigh (this morning) 172.6
Yesterday I weighed 175. (so funny)
My highest weight has been 184
My lowest weight was 145
My long term goal weight is 150
My short term/end of July goal is 165

I will be posting my up/down days here, I look forward to making some friends and getting/giving support.

6/29/10 – DD

Black coffee

Coffee with raw sugar and a splash of half n half
1 can tuna
1 Tb spoon of mayo
Diced onion
Black pepper
15 triscuit thin crisp crackers
1 serving applesauce
1 cranberry oatmeal cookie

Estimate Calorie intake= 465
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Okay, so I did not have a good up day. I was far too UP for me to be pleased with myself. Luckily I have this down day to equalize things.
Be back later with my daily weigh in.
Hi bfit and welcome to juddd :D Hope it goes really well for you hun, sounds like you have it all planned out well which is the main thing that really helps with this diet. having your day planned in advance especially on down days really really helps.

I haven't been around on the board much lately due to broadband problems but have been doing juddd on and off since last sept, so if you have any questions just shout and I'll try to help :D

Good luck xxx
Hi Stirky,
Thanks for letting me know that you can be a resource. I really appreciate knowing that I can ask you questions. Sorry to hear that your broadband isn't working as it should. I hope that gets straightened out for you soon.

My weigh in for yesterday was 174.8 and I will weigh myself a little later this morning to see if it has gone down, which I suspect it will show a lower weight, as I believe I read that the morning of your up days will be the lowest weight you have... so My hope is that it shows either the same weight as 2 days a go, or it has gone down a bit. I think I will continue to share what I ate on DD's and will attempt doing the same for UD's ... but Up days tend to get out of hand and I lose track of it all. But maybe having to say what I ate will help me keep accountable for all the junk I am eating.
What I ate DD: 7/1/10
Sandwich - whole wheat, lettuce, tomato, wasabi mayo, smoked turkey and a pickle
2 bowls of lettuce with italian dressing
homemade Iced coffee, with half-n-half, some sugar topped with whipped cream

My estimate: 600 calories

Weigh In: 173.2
Not bad, but not exactly what I wanted either. This will help keep me in check for today so I don't over do it.
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my name is janice and I read your entry and signed up JUST to tell you "me too"..."me too" I'm a teacher (3rd)
"me too" I came to JUDDD through IFing, first fast five and then more hours and now JUDDD
"me too" it's easier to eat NOTHING than control portions
"me too" almost every darn thing you WROTE!

I'm doing (another "me too") my kinda "own" form of JUDDD as well, with Ifing...I'm MORE concerned that i keep at least 19 hours of fasting up than I am about the UD/DD business...what I've been doing is fasting for 23 hours straight (usually overnight, though...so like stop eating at 10am one day and eat again next day at 9am)...at the 23rd hour I have 500 calories to hold me to the 24th hour, when an UD begins.....the 500 calories for one hour I can do..if I were to try to spread those out all day, the eatin' would be ON and there's no way....

Ok, so then at the 24th hour an UD starts..the thing is, my UD may not (usually not) take 24 hours...from the shorter feeding windows I'm used to from FAST FIVE and then the extended versions of it (20/4 or 22/2 whatever), I'm not USED to eating all day. I rather LIKE stuffing in all my food at one time (smile) and then being DONE and back on a fast. All day is just MORE opportunity for poor choices. When I break a fast, I'm usually craving healthy food but then as that 24-hour period goes on, I tend to want something that "tastes yummy" and that's when the havoc begins. Also, I like eatin gin the a.m (ESPECIALLY when I'm with the little guys during the school year) and then the difficult hours are spent asleep....

There is soo much more to this that I want to write about but have found a lot of folks not interested in the email/buddy exchange and support. Would you like to be diet buddies since our experiences are so similar? I felt like I was reading MY story when I was reading your post. Happy SUMMER!
Hi Janice,
Wow, isn't it crazy. (I teach Kindergarten) It does make things feel a bit more normal when you are not the only one struggling. That's why I signed up and decided to start a diary, in hopes that I would find someone that is trying to do the same thing as me and who struggles with the same issues.
I would love to be diet buddies, we should exchange emails over private massages so we can keep each other encouraged.
How much are you trying to "release" from your body? How has your plan been working out for you so far? Tell me some details and maybe even a sample of what you might eat for a typical dd and ud.

I like the idea of having a window to eat during my up days, because yet again, I had a really UP up day yesterday. Geez. I mean, I should have known when I started off with two hot dogs for BREAKFAST! LOL. (hey, that's what I felt like having) I need to get it out of my head that an up day means I can eat whatever I want. You know what's sad... I haven't had any fresh fruit at all this week. How silly is that. I have been having salad which is good, but i've only had applesauce... and can I say... I love cherries, and watermelon, and mango, and peaches, grapes, pineapples, I could go on. Do you think I would have taken my lazy butt to the market and pick some up to eat. I could have had fruit and yogurt for breakfast and some granola or something, but HOT DOGS!

Sigh... :cry:

I haven't weighed myself this morning but I will, and I am pretty sure the number will be high, which is okay. Yesterday I was 173.2 I figure I will be 176 or something. Oh man, I ate so much yesterday. Till I was stuffed. :eek: I can't stop thinking about it.

But, here is the game plan.
I will try your idea Janice for Sunday's UD. My window will be 3-8 or something like that. I am going to a BBQ, so I will save my eating for then. Then on the following day, (DD) I will not eat anything until 3 and something light. That's sort of the plan for the rest of this weekend. Today is a DD for me, and we are meeting with friends. Where ever we go to eat, I am ordering a salad with protein and LOTS of water.
I'll let you know how it goes.


Weigh in 175.4
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did you try it?

Did you try "my" way? Where you just fast, for god's sake (smile) and then eat one hour later? I seriously can NOT eat all day and try to keep that to 500...sooo nutty!
I had a BAD day, too, yesterday. The bbq was sooo yummy and I ate and ate way past full....I "feel it" today...I just feel terrible and I'm ending another DD now..I stopped eating (finally put the fork down) at eight p.m. last night and in 15 mins it'll be 8pm next day and then I'll eat.. I had my 500 cals at 7pm...so that's a 500 calorie DD for me.
I need to just CHILL for a few more UDs and all will be well.

I tried to get to your page to send you a private message to get your email but I'm not "approved' yet so I couldn't. Can you do that to mine? If not, I'll share my email right on here..don't really care..can't imagine being bombarded by this site. It's pretty inactive.

So, I'm DYING to know how you did with waiting to eat!
I have about 10 lbs to lose..not much, I know, but they're "new"ish from turning forty, I guess. I put on weight VERY easily and was a very big child and now need to keep things under wraps.

I have noticed that when I eat junk, the next DD is very difficult. I have noticed that cardio staves off hunger and that I'm fully capable of working out in a fast. I've learned that my body needs lots of protein and veggies, then I start craving them. Feed it sugar and junk, THATS what it'll crave.
I've learned that hunger will not kill me..will not make me faint or even weak..it's NOT an emergency for me. For some people in some countries, hunger is an emergency. For us folks with computers and internet service and jobs, hunger is NEVER an emergency. Never ever.
What tricks you got up your sleeve you can help me with?
Today is Monday night..I'm starting an UD in a few mins, like I said and then will close that window tomorrow for another DD....what are you on? Up or down?
I can't even begin to start to tell you how my weekend was.

but in a word... HORRIBLE.

I completley fell off of the juddd wagon, and have to restart today with a DD. I am hanging out with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while and we are going to go out to eat, and I already know it's going to be bad news bears.
Speaking of which, I wanted to get a salad but can you believe that it wasn't even on the menu. LOL. I had Japanese food on Saturday and I figure Sushi is pretty low calories, but it really is not! Then on Sunday, I ate outside of my window. Went to the diner with my husband for breakfast and then later in the day the BBQ. :sigh:

Okay. Today is a new day.

You know what I realize is holding me back. I have to do a pantry raid. I have too many goodies in the house. Makes it really hard to refrain when it's right there. BUT i hate wasting food. I don't want to throw out perfectly good food. What to do???
My weigh in the other day made me cringe. I didn't write it down but it was 176 point something.

I am also... cover your eyes if your the sensitive to body issues/movements type: I am not eliminating regularly. I think I am backed up. I need to drink something at night to help me eliminate all the waste that I know is inside. Any ideas?

Hi Dee...
TRY not to beat yourself up..it does no good. You're right, today is a new day. I personally don't even TRY to do a DD when there is a social event. I spend enough time at home and work that I can work my DDs in around those. Adjusting hours helps, too..since I don't do waking-sleeping DDs and UDS, I do 24 hour increments. For example, my DD is in effect right now but ends at noon. I'll have 500 cals at 11am and then at noon an "UD" starts.
This 24-hour period is not as long as conventional JUDDERS do cuz you all stop eating at, say 9pm and then don't eat til the NEXT NEXT morning, totalling about 36 hours. So you do UDs for only aobut 12 hrs (waking time) and Dds are 36..I use that ratio 3:1 and have a 24 hour DD and an 8 hour UD but they're not "days' , they're hours. Does that make sense? So yesterday a DD started at noon and will end today at noon..I'll do an UD for as long as I need to get those nutrients in (never 24 hours, always less than 12) and then begin my DD when I'm ready. It's the way it works for me. I learned LONG ago no DDs on social days. No can do.
Hope this helps.
Try fiber? water? not sure about the blockage sitch...sure about one thing..I hate it, though!
My personal email is [email protected] if you want to do email buddy system. I don't mind posting it here. I get ENOUGH junk email I just delete anyway....Janice

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