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Just needed to share with C/D and Low carb and all x


Alway see the love x
In 7 days I will be packing 2 bags and going to Great Ormond Street Hospital with my son. He will be havin a craniofacial operation. He has an Unknown Syndrome. My son is 12, brain age a very young 7 year old.
I started my "Diet journey" unkown of this operation date 5 days before. After opening the letter I felt upset, worried, well every emotion washed over me..... I was scared!!! I came so close to popping the toast on, getting the choccy out and thinking " stuff it" Im going to ditch the diet and eat!!!......

So what stopped me???????

Dont know where it come from, but its the stuff you cant buy in the shops ( so wish we could )....WILL POWER!!
I`d had Enough!!!! I was unhappy being over weight, Im going to do something about it!!
Its going to be bloody hard next week without my "little friends"( choccy and crap) but those little friends made me FAT! Not a good friend after all....
Not only have I started to shrink in weight, but Ive got stronger in myself with each day...This has helped me cope with what lays ahead...... This site has helped, LOADS!!!!! Without you knowing, so thankyou x

Everyone has a story of why they started this journey and for some reason, I needed to tell you mine. Im a very private person, so this is out of the ordanary. Maybe its much needed..... who knows....
Thankyou for reading. :hug99:
Woof X
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a problem shared is a problem halved my love, just wanted to send my best wishes for next week and for your wee lad, and to congratulate you for your founded willpower, you deserve every success.

sue xx


Happy to be slim at last
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I also wanted to send good wishes for next week. Your post is an inspiration. If you can get through the tough times and not give in to tempation, then you really want it for yourself. And we all know (through previous failed attempts at losing the weight) that you really have to want it to do it.

Hope all goes well with you son.


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Wishing you and your lad all the very best for next week. He's going to be in the very best of hands at GOS.



Alway see the love x
Hi girls.
Seems very strange seein my little story on here, but its helped....

I not going to give up no matter what!!!! Fed up with "excuses". Ive planned ahead what I will be eating and will stay strong. Hospital hasnt a fridge so its bars, carton shakes and meat salads from the canteen.... Oh and bags of will power

Woofy X


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Woof, I hope the treatment goes well and helps him. Thanks for sharing :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Bloody hell love .... he will be fine babes because he has a fantastic team at Great Ormond Street and he also has a fab mummy.



Alway see the love x
G.O.S.H is the best.... Been going there for 12, nearly 13years. But nothing like this has ever happened. Big operation that will change his face. Big, MASSIVE step.....

And thankyou x x x
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Good luck for your lad woofy.
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How long we hill be in GO woofy?


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Sweetheart, I send all my love, strength and good wishes to you, your family and your lovely little boy. My partners son has spent many a time at GOSH and they will take very good care of you and your boy.

The strength you are showing at a time like this, is something to be very proud of. And know, that your strength will rub off onto your little boy, what a fab Mum he has!

Do take good care of yourself, and try to sleep as that will help you keep on an even keel where the carb cravings are concerned.

Lots of love xxx


Alway see the love x
How long we hill be in GO woofy?
We go stay at the Hospital hotel on Tuesday 17th.His little brother will stay with us, hes coping well, hes only 6 years old. Then he has the op the following day, Wednesday. Hope to be home Friday as theres nothing more they can do that I cant do at home....

Will miss surfing the post, I will crave it I bet...

Woofy X
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I'll be thinking of you love.
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
LOL, you are irrepressible woofy.
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
er, no. Most girls I know are sane and quiet. ;)

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