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Just ordered Bumper Pack!

You have def done the right thing... It's 1 week today since I started and it has been hard I'm not gonna lie but it gets easier after day 3-4. It's refreshing not having to think about food all the time and I feel great!! Good luck for starting xx Laura
It can certainly help you achieve your goals. Hopefully it will arrive soon and you'll get into ketosis quickly (that's not such fun), but keep drinking the water and reduce your carbs in preparation and it should be easier. Hope it goes really well. xx
Thanks both!! I'm really excited about it!

Been doing Slimfast for 6 weeks so feel I have a good foundation for starting a VLCD. Should I get some Ketostix? Do people use them?
I don't bother, as so long as you follow the plan you'll be in ketosis. As it's such low calories, your body will have to be losing weight. Important thing is to maintain water intake steadily through the day. Some people find them helpful though. Perhaps more so if you do more working solution, to help you balance it and not have too much carbs.
I'm going to to Total Solution. Can I drink sugar-free squash instead of water??
I've been doing Exante TS for 3 days and lost 11lbs so i would definately say your doing the right thing :D

I do have a lot to loose though so that probably accounts for the huge amount i've lost in 3 days.

I just stick to water but have read some folk on here have Coke Zero as it doesn't contain the acid's that take you out of ketosis.
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Well after hearing peoples stories on here I'm sure you've done the right thing...get determined for the first week and you'll be fine...sounds like you've already got well prepared.
good luck x
Hi. I have just started on Exante for 1st time too. Was on lipotrim but the lack of flavours and particularly the really disgusting bars prompted me to swap over. My 1st week so far has gone really well and I am certain you have done the right thing. You will be at your goal in no time. Good luck.
Thanks everyone! Right, just waiting for my pack to arrive... have bought a hand blender today :)
Thanks everyone! Right, just waiting for my pack to arrive... have bought a hand blender today :)
I'm on day 1 of Exante although have tried it in the past. I'm a slow loser so would expect to lose 12lbs with a 4wk bumper pack, but going anecdotally on what others report on here, I would think you'd lose at least half your weight to lose in the 4 weeks (19lbs). Then of course, you can choose whether you want to work up to normal diet and exercise or continue on the soups/shakes. That's my plan :)

BuxomBarrister said:
Thanks everyone! Right, just waiting for my pack to arrive... have bought a hand blender today :)
You def need a blender, in the interim i mix into a paste and then add rest of water slowly, good luck
You've definitely done the right thing BB. My bumper pack arrived last Wednesday and I'm really pleased I ordered it. Over the past few days I've tried all the flavours and I really like most of them, and can tolerate the other couple, especially as I know they are helping me shed some weight.

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