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Just ordered my Pack to start at the end of this week


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Firstly welcome to the exante clan :) You won't regret it.

How many weeks are you looking to do jambof1985?

Drink the recommended amount of water - I aim for 3 to 4 litres a day. You can also drink Coke Zero, Dr Pepper Zero, tea, coffee (both milkless) and bouillon.

Don't get disheartened if you have a week with no change weight wise, I had that this week and I lost inches instead.

Do come on here and vent and get support as and when you need it - it's been a massive help for me in fact I think I would have quit ages ago if I wasn't on here.

Try to add in exercise as soon as you can too

Good luck on your journey x

Thanks for the reply!
I have only bought 1 month worth so far and my target really isnt a weight its to fit into 34" jeans and size L t_shirts.

I will post my weight etc on here and keep a record of whats going on and hopefully we will see results in within the month. Depending on how hard I find that will indicate how long I do it for.

How long have you been doing it for?


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I've been doing it for 10 weeks (I had a couple of weeks in the middle where I was at hen weekends so didn't fully complete the plan).

Honestly it's not that hard once you've got over the first few days, ultimately if TS isn't your thing you can always try WS :)

I've lost 8 inches from my stomach alone in that time which is good!
Hi Jambo - welcome!
Re. soups: it's all down to personal taste, but as someone who usually loves soup, I can't stand 'em!! I'm switching to just shakes and bars. Way I see it, if I'm only eating 3 packs a day, I gotta make them packs I like!
Other tips: you'll feel a bit crap at first, but persevere and you'll hit ketosis, and then hunger etc will go. If you do feel hungry, more often than not, it's thirst - drink plenty of water.
If you struggle with an eating problem and need to totally change your attitude to food (like me!), invest in the Beck Diet Solution book - I've started working through it and it's fantastic. Based on CBT and I think it will be really important for when I get to goal.


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I like the soups but I don't have a sweet tooth so they're ok for me - the tomato and basil one needs lots of cracked pepper in it though!
Welcome and hi Jambo, The soups are quite tasty but then I enjoy savoury foods rather than sweet. I'm sure you'll get on fab just pop in and out of the forum for advise it really helped me get through the first week and i'm sure weeks to follow.


Thanks for all the advice n support! I'm lookin forward to starting it now. Il pop on once I start it.

How long is it before ketosis starts?
Well done, ketosis for me kicked in at day 4 - horrible breath and don't feel hungry at all I guess everyone's different but anywhere between days 3 - 5.


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