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Just out of curiousity, does anyone else...

work with food? I work evening on a hospital ward as a caterer (giving out the dinners)! It's so hard when I take all the food back to the kitchen! Been throwing it straight in the bin to avoid temptations!!

Just wondered as quite a few people have said about working in offices! So nosey, lol :)

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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I dont work with food . . .
I admire you for resisting temptation.

Well done!

I work in a small building, 3 offices and a canteen in the same corridoor. Luch times and break times are interesting with all the different smell wafting down to my office lol.
Its Wednesday mornings that are the worst with bacon, egg and sausages being cooked for everyone :confused:

Oh well, its my time now to do my best and get to goal :)
I am training to become a Driving Instructor. I work in a transport office along with the Driving Instructor there who teaches people with learing disabilities and also the elderly. We run a company of disability adapted buses and have over 9 buses with drivers. The divers come in on there dinner and are constantly eating lol. They bring the most yummy foods in stright from the bakers, there is ALWAYS a driver in the office eating!! The Diving Instructor who i work along side also eats non stop and i have to end up going out of a lunch time to my nannas or i would be surrounded by food all day long and i feel i need that hour to face the afternoon lol.

Its horrible being around and smelling lovely food and watching people eat all day long, i dunno how you cope lol <3 xxx
Mm, its helpful if I taste food during an inspection (care homes) - in a non diet phase I would have a main course/dessert, home baked cakes at teatime etc as I have to comment on the quality of the catering service.

One of the nice aspects of the job in the past!
No luckily I don't work with food, I work in an office - however people bring their lunches in each day and there's usually a box/tin biscuits being offered around...... luckily though I'm more of a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth.
its so hard l've worked in a delli while l was on cd so know how difficult it is for you
yes im a chef! it's so hard as i do need to taste food before serving so literally dip spoon in and shake off excess lol!
yes im a chef! it's so hard as i do need to taste food before serving so literally dip spoon in and shake off excess lol!
Wow now that is dedication to the diet - you're willpower is amazing!!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I'm a transport manager and as we all know truckers like their food and mine arent any different, im just glad there is only 5 of them :D
Luckily, my job involves driving around in the community supporting young people who have been homeless and have been given their first tenancies so, I work alone and unfortunately, the people I see are usually on a limited income and tend to live on...well.. lets put it this way... Asda smart price is a favourite so I think I can resist that!
Thank goodness!!
Not there is anything wrong with it of course! xx
i find it hard cooking my kids and partner dinner and tea and not having any! im only on day 3 but since i have started i have been cooking them all the gorgeous things i like to eat, for example did steak, chips, onion ring, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce, dont know why cos its absolute torture!

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