just overheard....


The Christmas conference is for counsellors only but the slimmer of the year and runner ups etc are also invited obviously.


I believe it is open to all - I think I read something Kerensa posted somewhere saying anyone could come. Will have a look.
Kerensa Preedy-Houston said:
Hello - it is mainly aimed at counsellors etc but all are welcome!

There will be a review of teh year, guest speakers, new products etc. The afternoon is all Slimmer of the Year and is excellent.

Found this on the Pink Site! :D Speak to your counsellor as there might still be spaces available.

This year it has been opened to customers as well. Tickets are £15 and it is being held at the National Motocycle Museum in Birmingham on 2nd December.

Have a chat to your counsellor re this.

Just tried to book in the recommended hotels and they are both fully booked.

So now looking for a Travel Lodge somewhere within 20 mins!