Just realised how much further I have to go ....

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  1. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    It hit home this morning how long it's going to take to complete this journey at 2lbs a week.

    I started to spiral downwards earlier in the week and I can't lift the negative feelings about the diet.

    Despite 2st 9lbs in just over 2 months I sill have about 8st to go and I've only just about dropped a dress size and the negativity is starting to overwhelm me.

    I'm sorry to write a needy, negative post but I really feel fed up and feel I'm in danger of blowing the diet.


    Kitty xxx
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  3. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    Oh Kitty, I'm sorry you're feeling so down. You've done really well, your losses are brilliant, and you're already a quarter of the way there. Dress sizes drop faster the lower your weight gets, because of being based on circumferences whereas fat is lost by volume (does that make sense?).

    I know thinking of carrying on like this for another six months is depressing, but surely the alternative is even worse. To give up now, maybe put back on the weight you have lost, or try restarting time and again (the restarters thread always says how much easier it is to carry on than to restart), is that really what you want?

    I think you need a treat, a non-food treat. Spoil yourself with something indulgent, a massage or pedicure or similar, tickets to a show, something to reward yourself for how well you've done. And break the target into sections, after the nest 2 stone loss then plan something special for yourself. Every bit lost is an achievement, it isn't just the final goal that matters.

    You can do it, I'm sure of it, OK it's not easy but you know you're worth it.
  4. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

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    Hi Kitty. Well done 2 u for loosing 37lbs in 8 weeks Wow !!Hun i am so sorry you are having a hard time but pls remember that 8 stone will not take you so long to lose.
    Pls dont see Cd as a sentence it is just possibly 8 more months out of your whole life.
    8 months that are going to change your life for ever phyisically and emotionally.
    Hun u have done so well, could u imagine losing 37 lbs in just 8 weeks on a normal diet !!

    Are u possibly due Totm and feeling a bit weepy.I myself have 17/18 stone to loose and it seem so far away for me but each stone u loose is a stone nearer you achieveing your goal.
    I think a good way is to set small achievable goals possibly a stone at a time and reward yourself each time u get to goal.
    Possibly have a facial or buy something to pamper yourself.

    Kitty hun pls dont feel that u cant express your feelings here.We r all in the same boat and totally understand how u feel.
    U r not alone we r hear to hold your hand and help you through this journey.
    Take care and remember we r always here for u xx
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  5. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Clare jen is right, you are worth it, and 6 to 8 months of SS is worth much more than a life time of being overweight.

    I knmow sometimes its easy to think af giving it all up, but dont, its not worth it, you have lost nearly 3st in 2 months, and that is a massive achievment.

    A chatterbox is a funny thing, it can tell you to eat, it can tell you to throw in the towel, and on CD we have massive ups and downs about our journey.

    I could be flying one minute, thinking I could do Cambridge for ever, and then next minute I would be in pieces, swearing I would cave in. But, I didnt cave in I kept on going, and it was the best decision I made, and trust me, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels, you are more important than food now, you have the rest of your life to enjoy your food in moderation, and 8 months to wait, is not as long as it feels to you now x
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Kitty,

    I know what you mean I do have days like this as well:(

    Overall I would love to lose ten stone...

    For two month 37lbs. lost on SSing is very good, for the same time I lost 32lbs.

    We can not compare are losses with others as our own bodies are unique and the weight comes off to suit us, we can't make it go faster than what it is doing.

    I feel it is best to set mini goals and to appreciate what you have achieved already. Losing weight is tough but so rewarding...I feel so much better in myself in every way and the mad rush I had at the beginning is no longer there, but I am chipping away, for it is so worth it.

    Hope this helps, but your not alone we all get browned off every now and then, this is the danger time as it is so easy to slip.

    Write down all the things you want to do and treat yourself for each major achievement along the way.

    Nothing feels as good as being able to run up and down the stairs! I really love doing it:)

    Love Mini xxx
  7. Crystal

    Crystal Member

    Please don't feel disheartened - try to remember it'll be worth it in the long run!!

  8. broadpaws

    broadpaws Full Member

    Kitty - Stick with and focus on smaller goals maybe 7lbs at a time - I know how desperate it can sometimes seem and at times it can be a lonley journey - I told my brain that "I was simply at this time choosing not to eat" That helped! R u drinking enough water - I have lost 10 stone since mid March and can tell you its SO worth the effort.

    Good Luck xx
  9. Summerskye

    Summerskye Gold Member

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    Hi Kitty

    I had 8 stone to lose when I first started CD and if I sat and thought about how far I had to go I don't think I'd ever have started it, let alone finished!

    The way I approached it was not to think about the 'bigger picture' but rather set myself little mini-goals which were far more realistic and gave me a great boost when I'd achieved them .. before moving onto the next one.

    For example - from where you are now aim for the next half stone or stone down, calculate your loss in 10 lbs chunks, or aim for the next 'stones lost' marker eg. you're only 5 lbs away from losing 3 stone so that could be your next goal! :)

    Don't think about how far you have to go .. think of your diet as a car journey with you as the driver instead. You can't see your destination because it's too far ahead of you, you can't keep your eyes fixed on the rear-view mirror as that's what's already gone before and if you keep your eyes fixed on that you'll crash (besides, you can't go back and change anything anyway!).

    Where you should focus your attention is where you are RIGHT NOW, because that's where you currently are and where you should live your life - not in the future, and not in the past.

    Hope this helps - and good luck! :)

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  10. Dani

    Dani Full Member

    Hi Kitty

    Take heart, break it down into small steps - also - your weight loss so far has been over 4lbs a week (not 2) if you. The weight may be off soon that you think.
  11. Isis

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    Amen to that Sista :D
  12. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hiya Kitty

    I totally, totally, agree with Sharon (Summerskye)!! She is exactly right in focussing on the here and now. When I lost weight on LL a couple of years ago, it was the weekly reward of losing weight that kept me going - not even the quantity! - I was just pleased to have lost weight week after week and before I knew it the losses soon added up to over 6 stone!

    Thanks for posting how you're feeling, Kitty because the best and most remarkable thing about this site is that no matter how you're feeling and what you maybe thinking in your own head .... there is always some one to help and in helping you they could well be helping others and themselves.

  13. Biggirlsam

    Biggirlsam Banned

    oh kitty its like me all over, I could never imagine getting rid of the other body I carried around:(. And to stay on a diet for months and months it just was too much... I gave myself a chance by saying I would do week by week, and at the end of each week I would choose wether I could cope the next week. I started 5 months ago and yes for the first 3 maybe 4 weeks I thought of nothing else apart from the next day and the coming struggle, and then one week I just got so shocked that I hadn't thought about quitting that week!!! It will get better and when that week comes you will be amazed by your change in you, I never thought I could go a week without moaning about how long it would take.I still have a chunk to go but its the best thing that has happend to me and this place is amazing just come on here and read, there are so many people going through your emotions and to be able to share our worries and good times. Keep going and soon and it will be soon you will wish you had done this 10 years ago.
  14. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    Thank you all for such thoughtful comments and replies.
    You are right bite size chunks, is the way to tackle this. The more I think about the bigger picture the more depressing it feels, I should just treat each mini target as goal and that way it won't seem as daunting.

    One thing that is really hitting me hard at the moment is a friend going through the diet with me.
    They broke the diet weeks back, and since then have continued to, and IMO have acted as a saboteur for my journey.
    Comments about me no longer being any fun because I won't drink when I'm out and constantly trying to encourage me to either drink or eat have got me down.
    Especially as they are continuing to lose weight!
    They walk about 4 miles a day with the dog, so I'm guessing thats helping the loss, it's just quite dishearting for me.

    I'm absolutely PANTS at this water stuff, I'm only just managing my 2 1/2 litres.
    I keep telling myself I need more but it's not getting into my head (stupid I know)

    Love the analogy with the car journey. I need to find somewhere thats as many miles away as the pounds I want to lose and plot it on a map!!! ;)

    I need a huge boost right now, I'm craving carbs, Chocs...just about everything right now :blush:

    Love Kitty xxx
  15. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    NOthing wrong with craving Kitty....however, if they become really strong then go to the Food Dump thread and dump whatever you're craving in there!!! Its a very psychologically empowering thing to do....:)
  16. Soraya

    Soraya Silver Member

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    Hi, Time is a big factor. I always wanted to wakw up and find it all gone! Not sure if this will hep you, but these were my mental arguments with myself:

    I had 4 stone to lose. On WW this would take me over a year - if it worked.

    Also I'd been overweight for 20 year, so for me 6 months out of 20 years.

    If I didn't do this, I would have spent the time putting on weight anyway!

    Also, although this is the time it will take to reach your goal, you will be getting thinner all the time. So every day you will be thinner. And thinner. And thinner. Every day your clothes will feel looser.

    I once read something about enjoying the process. I think of all the times I failed on a diet. Well this is payback for all the times I've put on my clothes and they felt tight. With this diet, you can barely keep up with buying smaller clothes. I actually moaned that something I bought 3 weeks ago didn't fit - but because it was loose. How many time has that happened on my life.

    Enjoy the process of seeinf the dress sizes flash smaller in front of your eyes. The woman at the charity shop was actually moved to say how it was alright for some when I took the last of my size 16's to her. These moments are priceless.

    Get yourself a blog and record your happiness as you get to goal - it'll help others and be a great reminder to you of how well you did.

    Sorry to ramble and I hope this helps.
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