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  1. jodie1985

    jodie1985 Member

    Hi I have been doing SW since Jan 2011 and so far have lost 7 stone , I have set this as a target for a little while which I'm finding really hard to maintain, SW has helped me train my brain to lose ... Now I'm trying to train it to healthy maintain without stuffing my face with crap!!!
    But my real issue is I fail to notice how well I have done and how much slimmer I am and concentrate on the areas of my body I still don't like just wondered if anyone else is struggling emotionally with their weight loss ???
    People say I should be proud and happy with the difference I have made to my body but my brain just doesn't seem to recognise it x
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  3. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Full Member

    Wow, what an amazing weight loss, I too have body issues, I haven't lost as much weight as you, but I still see myself as I was BEFORE I lost a single pound!! Even now I sometimes go for the size 20 clothes lol ;) x
  4. jodie1985

    jodie1985 Member

    Thank you =) I know what you mean I still pick up the biggest size and the same style clothing ... I have to have a word with myself in the changing room and try and force myself to see the difference ! I remember reading somewhere that the brain can take up to ten years to recognise and accept weight loss !!! It annoys me as I know I should be feeling fantastic but I suppose in time I will ! X
  5. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Full Member

    Yes, I can sometimes look at myself in the mirror...... But it's sometimes Ooo, big bum, legs, no chest flabby stomach etc, if I looked like the world best model I probably still find fault somewhere lol x
  6. jodie1985

    jodie1985 Member

    Haha ditto x

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