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Just saying hello

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Target12, 25 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Target12

    Target12 Full Member

    Hi ...
    Newbie (sort of). Registered a long time ago but not visited for ages. Will be joining group on weds with about 3st to lose. Hope you all don't mind if I share mine and your journeys. I'm a seasoned SWer and love the plan (EE). Have done well before but always let the old habits creep back in!
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  3. sewingbee

    sewingbee Full Member

    Hi and welcome! The more the merrier and as a seasoned sw'er you probably have some great tips to share! Good luck on Wednesday xx
  4. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Hello :) I only do green days and have started slimming world again (last week) :D - Have done it before but am determined this time. Good luck
  5. Target12

    Target12 Full Member

    Thank you both.

    Good luck to you too and hopefully my tips will be useful

    Actually quite excited about joining tomorrow.

    Wish you could bottle this feeling when you're all motivated and save it for later!!
  6. scarymary555

    scarymary555 New Member

    Just found this wonderful board and wanted to say Hi too! Re-joined SW 2 weeks ago and need all the help I can get to lose 3st.
  7. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Hi and welcome :)

    Make sure and come join us on the Wednesday weighers thread too. Lots of people that all weigh on Wednesdays :)
  8. Als71

    Als71 Full Member

    Ooh will def see you on weds weighers.

    Hi scarymary, how've you're first 2 weeks been?
  9. scarymary555

    scarymary555 New Member

    Not great I'm afraid.........lost 2lbs first week- put on half lb this week!! My fault entirely, I didn't write down everything which I really need to do for the first few weeks!! ;)
  10. Als71

    Als71 Full Member

    I'm exactly the same, I have to write everything down and not just for the first few weeks. As soon as I stop tracking I stop losing. We're both getting started and got the same target. Keep at it!

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