Just seen my CDC for the first time...


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It went really well!
I was weighed and to my surprise i was slightly less than i thought. Still got tonnes of weight to lose though.
We had a really nice chat, found out some wicked info. My counsellor has been doing it for over 20 years,nearly all my life (im 23)!
I got my shakes and soups. Didnt want any bars cos i really dont want to eat!
Feel very motivated now and am really looking forward to seeing her next week!
Can wait for tomorrow to start, i've even picked out what im going to have!
How is everyone finding it? I really just want to get the 1st few days over and done with.
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Glad things went well, Laurie. The first few days are definitely the worst, then once you're in ketosis, you'll be flying!!!!


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Just hang in there and by the weekend you will be feeling a lot better and then the shrinking really starts!!



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Hi Patsy, am feeling grand now actually...surprisingly enough...totm came to haunt me today and I was convinced I was going to give into the choccie monster but I didnt...actually, thats a lie...I had a choc shake a while ago!! At least the demon twix was kept at bay! hopes urs goes well for you this time round...

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Well done for 'joining'!! I'm finding this diet absolutely fantabulous!! Of the 3 stone I want to lose, I have already lost 1 stone and 3lbs - in 4 weeks!! it's incredible!!

Don't worry if you do feel a bit rough, it soon passes and after that it's great!

Keep posting on here, everyone's lovely and friendly and helpful!!!!



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Hi Laurie,
I'm new as well ... Day5.



Hi there, it's my first week too, although I am not actually starting it until tomorrow as I am working today and need to feel ok.

I am excited hearing about all these good weight losses but can't believe it will happen like that for me :confused:

All the best!



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Thank you all for your replies.
I have started this morning and so far have drunk a litre of water. I never realised how much water fills you up!
Not going to have a pack until about midday as i dont normally eat till then anyway.
Im very lucky because i work from home so i dont have all the temtations that i did when i worked in a office!
I dont have to do any shopping either, as i still live with my parents. I think i would find this extremely hard if i did have to. I havent told many people im doing this diet, because i dont want to keep explaining myself to people. I just want to stay focused. I cant wait to see peoples faces when they realise i've lossed weight.
Hence the reason ill be on the forum a lot, you are all so great and friendly and helpful.
Thank you all