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Just started!! I am starving!

Hi all, I started off doing Exante diet 100% for a day and was looking though the mini mins forums and discovered up and down days, I thought this suits me great!! I must admit though I am finding the DD a bit of a struggle! I started on Mon with a DD, so now on a Fri I am a DD again and I really want a glass of wine tonight!! It used to be the only thing that got me through Fridays at work, now I have a slim and save curry to look forward to instead and it certainly isnt as appealing!!

How is everyone else doing? I went to the Johnsons Up and Down day website just now and read that I need to stick to something like 300 kcals on DD if i wana loose 30% of my weight....is that right????? Ill starve!!!!

What is everyone else doing exactly? I am trying to stick to 500 kcals on DD and trying to eat sensibly on UDs, roughly following the slimming world diet, but mainly just trying to use common sense and not pig out! To be honest I just look forward to eating!

Does everyone else use shakes on DD or food?

I AM SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW AND ITS ONLY 11.30am!! Might go get yet another glass of water!!
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Wants to be thin!
Hi skinny, why not swap your DD's to Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday that way you have your wine on a Friday night. Good luck z


Wants to be thin!
Also the % isn't the amount you want to lose its the % of your normal calorie intake x


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Start off with 500 on a DD and 2000 on an Up day and you won't go far wrong!!!


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I do 5 pm- 5pm fast too and have a SF shake that I count in my 500 before bed if I'm hungry. Usually I glug some water and don't bother. It's much easier and it means every other evening I can eat what I want. I was a mess my first DD - Jilly will remember lol- I had low blood sugar, the shakes, feeling dizzy, so hungry I could eat the cat, everything but now I don't eat on them at all and I've only been doing it 2 weeks. I've lost 13 lb It will get easier. I think the very cold weather has made it harder on DD tho especially if you have to work outside as I do. I'm looking forward to 5 pm today :) xx


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Hey wana,:) Welcome to the Juddd bunch.... It does get easier lol I've been going nearly 6 months, but as Jilly said start off with 500 DDs & 2000 UDs to ease yourself in.. Dr Johnson does recommend a 2 week induction @ this level & your DDs can be made up of shakes/bars or normal food whichever suits you. I know for me soups, eggs or lean protein & veggies helped me fight the hunger pangs. Once your settled you can switch up your rotations so your UDs fall on a friday.. hang in there :)

good luck :)
Thanks ladies! I have actually lost 10lbs this week which I am well chuffed with! I am sticking around 500cals on DD and eating relatively healthily on UD, which seems to be working well! I dont know if i can fast all day especially when my DDs fall on work days where everyone is scoffing! but i struggle through!! thanks for all your support and advice. x