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Just started - on day two

Hi everyone, just thought i'd introduce myself. I'm on day two of my diet and I like it so far.

I'm 15 months off the cigarettes, which is great but I have gained and i'm still gaining weight. I have to try and get it under control and regular dieting isn't working for me, so i'm giving tfr 100% a chance.

It's a bit difficult at work as everyone seems to notice what you eat or don't :sigh:. I'm feeling hungry today but i'm thinking of my goal weight... Anyhow i love the forum, everyone is super and all the advice here is just brilliant. I hope to be around for a while. Good luck everyone :D
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I will never give up
welcome to the forum little-me im coming to the end of week 3 i cant believe how time flys.
Hiya Little-me :) welcome to the hardest but most wonderful weight-loss programme around!! Im on day 5 at the moment and although i feel like ive been through hell this week i cannot wait to get to that chemist on Monday morning and get weighed. Everyone on here is fantastic and supportive and if you ever need an understanding cyber-shoulder to cry on we`re here for you 100% x


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Welcome little me!!! Well done on starting! The first while is very tough but honestly it does start getting much much easier. Im coming to the end of week three and found this week a lot differant to one and two. Im really hooked now whereas befor i felt i could shatter and give up at any stage. This is a brilliant support network. Come on any time ur finding it tough and without fail someone will inspire or motivate you. Xxx keep us posted on how your getting on.
thanks everyone for the good wishes.
*wow* "differentusername", have you really lost a stone since Aug 27th. well done you, i'm very impressed.:D To-day is day4 for me and it has been very very difficult, boy oh boy was i hungry today. I nearly creacked a few times, but i've kept my self busy. I read somewhere that day 4 & 5 are the worst. what is everyones expeirence of this? if day 6 gets better i'll find stength from somewhere.:break_diet:


Getting married in July!!
Yeah day 4 and 5 are tough!! But you'll be entering into keytosis now soon while will make it a lot easier. ( you'll know by the smell and taste of your mouth). It does get easier!!! Personally i found right up untill about day 10 tough but not as bad as day 4&5. Im in week three now (weigh in tomorrow) and i found this week a hell of a lot easier!!! There are still tough moments but i think there will always be tough moments. When i gets tough just try to get through it on an hour to hour or day to day basis. Thats what helps me.

Yes thankyou i really have lost a stone. ( i started on aug 16th though) Hopefully more tomorrow!!! But i've a lot more to loose.
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thanks for that differentusername. Work tomorrow so it should be a little bit easier, more to occupy my mind. I'm really looking foreward to weigh in on Wednesday eveing. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. I'll keep an eye out to see how you did
day 5

sorry wrong thread :eek:
Hi Little me this is my first day so we can motivate each other on!!!


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