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Attack Just started



** Chief WITCH **
Good start Jackie! Could you please fill out your User CP so that we can see your current weight, height, age etc.

I find I sleep far less with this diet. Hopefully day three will see you in ketosis. Let us know what you're eating... we have a thread "what are you eating today". And open a diary if you like!

Good luck!
Wow that's fantastic!
I am thinking about starting this tomorrow, but my book hasn't arrived yet.
What to do tend to eat in a day in the attack phase?
Thank you


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I sleep less on PP days - one of the reasons why I try to do 3 PP at the start of the week (up early and off to work) and 3 PV over the weekend (easier for travel and socialising, and time for a good long lie in!)


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nicnac I'd recommend you wait till your book has arrived. Success at Dukan depends very much on being prepared. Once your book arrives have a good read through. Clear your cupboards of non dukan friendly food, and get plenty of dukan supplies in including oatbran. It's better to wait a week or two and get off to a flying start than to start unprepared and make easy mistakes in the vital first few days.
Thank you for your replies. Am working on my profile now. Hoping to stay on the attack phase til Friday/Saturday. I definitely needed to plan for this and am pleased I got the book and did a proper shop before starting. I will do the same prior to moving onto the next stage. Am going to have a look at the diaries etc now as would like to start one myself


** Chief WITCH **
<rubbing hands together in glee at the thought of another diary to nose around in!>
Good morning. Are the danone actimel fat free ok to have does anyone know?


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Good morning. Are the danone actimel fat free ok to have does anyone know?
Hi welcome and good luck, glad to see you're planning ahead!

Yoghurt: Fat-free yes, any brand. BUT only the unflavoured ones. Any with vanilla or fruit have sugar (and fruit) in them and that's not allowed. Especially not in attack.
In cruise you are allowed WW toffee and vanilla yoghurt, and also Muller Light toffee and vanilla, but limit those to two a day - they're HUGE...
It's best to DIY your flavoured yoghurt starting with plain fat-free, and adding sweetener and maybe some cinnamon or a drop of vanilla flavour (check it's not oil-based)

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