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Hello everyone, I was due to start lighterlife but did not like the counsellor and through here decided to change to CD, my counsellor lives round the corner and is lovely.

Im on day 2, and am craving bread like mad. Im in love with the banana tetra's, choc ones ok but definatley going to try the ice cream thing.

Only had a strawberry shake so far which was also nice, having cappucino hot lunch time, I had a oriental chili soup yesterday which I thought was horrible and am ringing my counsellor to see if she will exchange them .

Someone tell me hoe to do a ticker thing !, oh and I have 91/2 stone to lose yikes!
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Hi mich and welcome, there is a thread in tech support that tells you how to do a ticker, Id explain but I'll get you more confused!!!!

If you get through this week you will be rocking! Keep at it x


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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb
Hi Mich

Welcome to this fantastic web site and all the very best for your diet journey:D

Take care


Not dieting ATM!
Hi Mich

Stay strong for the next few days and the cravings will subside. Discovering all the different flavours of the soups and shakes is all part of the fun. So have lots of fun along the way and enjoy the results. You'll have the weight off in no time.

Dizzy x