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Just starting


Welcome on board! You can do it, is this your first time? I find getting through the first 3 days quite tough, I just keep busy, sleep and if all else fails, crumble 1/2 stock cube in a cup of hot water for a CD friendly soup...

Good luck!
Hey! I did lipotrim last year but I gained four stone of my 7 stone loss back from November! I opened my own shop and just let myself go. Totally regret if but I know I can do it. Thanks for the tips :)
Good luck, at least with this diet the is more variety and lipotrim
Lipotrim is very bland, I could only take the chocolate but i quite enjoyed my cd chocolate mint shake this morning. My belly is growling but I'm drinking my water, keeping busy and telling myself it's mind over matter! I know I can do this! If I get today over I will be flying.


Strong women stay slim
tips , just mind over matter hehe
Definately mind over matter! Do you remember Harvey Walden from fat club on the telly? He used to it say "it's mind over matter, if you don't mind it won't matter"!! Lol


Strong women stay slim
hehe , no don't remember , but i know it works lol
How have you found the plan so far? I did lipotrim and suck to it rigidly and lost 7 stone in 5 months but I've gained 4 stone by just being totally complacent and focusing solely on work.


Strong women stay slim
well i'm doing w8 and exante , so it does not get to boring because that can make you lose heart , plenty of choices .blimey you did well 7 stone in 5 months gee . i guess when you finish these diets its really a case of watching what you eat still , but its get you to goal faster , but still hard work keeping it off .
so do you feel stong as you did back then ?
Yeah I now feel that same determination I did back then but it's been a long time coming. I think the final straw came when somebody asked me when I was due not to mention I've so many gorgeous clothes I can't get in to. My boyfriend is athletic looking so that's a spur on. Even though he says my weight doesn't bother him I feel like a whale when we go out.


Strong women stay slim
when they say things like , when are you due , you think , i'm not going to even reply ... but yes with me i was noticing that look from people , of , shes big ... also clothes .
aww you have a good boyfriend there .
how long do you think it will take you to get the weight off ?
hows your day going ?

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Good luck on CD and sole source. Stay focussed on weight losses. When the CDC says your losses at the scales nothing can replace that feeling not even a chocolate bar. Disract yourself bath, nails, hair, face packs etc. Sleep, read, watching tv programmes such as supersize Vs superskinny on demand via internet. I find now fully in ketosis cookery programmes entertaining couldn't watch them first 2 weeks. Read Beck diet solution book really good. I have my shakes at 10-11am, 2-3pm and 10-11pm. So I am not craving food much and now 9 weeks in have done 2 SS+ meals when active in the day. Use the forum for support it is fab. Again good luck on your journey. Jayne x
Good luck. Keep telling yourself you dont have to do this you choose to do this, it's hard but worth it

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