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Just stepped on the scales


time to get focused
Hi. I lose 7 lbs in my first week (weighed myself yesterday) and also hopped on this morning for a cheeky peek and looks like I've lost another pound. I am sticking to it religiously, drinking lots of water and exercising but still - if you do it properly I'm not suprised you've lost that much ! Well done you !


Thoroughly Determined
Well done!
Is it your first week? People tend to lose more the first week. Think it's because the body's not used to it! :)

Keep it up!
Ben x
Brilliant loss pink mantha!! Well done and yup jealous too!! :)


Thoroughly Determined
I am sooo jealous, the most I've lost on WW was 3lbs in my first week. I'm on my 7th week now and have lost 1 to 2lb every week lost 10lb altogether and I'm so pleased as I now weigh less than I have all year!


Thoroughly Determined
Nice one BusyBee!

I had a moment of looking at my pictures on the wall of me in the States and thinking, I can't wait to not be that person any more! Such a motivation! :)
Thank you hbb. Orignially I was trying to lose weight for my aunts wedding, which didnt go down too well as I believe I actually put on! But I've seen the photos they are not pretty so I've gotten serious now and stuck to it.
well done, when my mum joined she lost 8.5 pounds in her first week! and she only started at 10st 6lbs!

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