Just thinking out loud really, but would appreciate your input.


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Right. After another good week, I've only lost a pound again. Do I have to accept that ee isn't the plan for me? I read someone else's comments that it was sometimes referred to as a maintenance plan, so I'm thinking should I switch back to red and green? I really like ee, and it doesn't hamper my life in any way. I don't particularly feel like I'm dieting, it fits with dh and kids, I like the food options....but I'd like to be shifting more than a pound a week really...

But a pound a week is 4 stone a year, so I'd be at target after 6 easy months...and presumably it would be much easier to maintain with such a slow, steady loss, and what is effectively a change in attitude to food, rather than a diet.

It's a dilemma.

I think I'm going to mix it up for a week and see what happens - 2 red (I don't like red), 3 green and 2 ee (on weekend). Hopefully, this time next week I'll have lost more than a pound.


I've posted this on my diary too - apologies.
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Im an EE convert! But it depends on individuals I think :/

Shake up this week and mix see what happens and if you lose a lb again then I would go back to EE as they are easier kwimX


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I love ee, my losses in the first couple of weeks have been 2lbs and 3lbs but i am expecting it to slow down now, i think we all want to see a good few lbs every week coming off but in reality the healthy and safe way is to lose between 1 and 2lbs a week and we have a better chance of keeping it off. It is entirely up to you if you want to mix it up you should but if you don't like red days , dont torture yourself as the whole point of this plan is to find food that you can enjoy and eat pleanty of it. I don't like red days either, i find it hard to fill up. Let us know how you get on xx


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I haven't tried EE, but yes i think it would be good to mix it up for a week and see what loss you have.

After that go with what you are happier doing, if you are happy losing 1lb a week whilst enjoying the plan then do that. A pound is a good loss but after losing 2 or 3 it doesn't seem appealing does it? Over the long term it will be better for you to be happy and comfortable on the plan that suits you best.


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Hi Katherine, I do like EE but I do think it would slow weight loss down. People at my class have had really good losses on it but they have just started. Those of us who have been going a while haven't got on so well with it. It is fantastic though and really increases the flexibility so I do have a couple of EE days a week, then usually end up having 2 red and 3 green. I like EE when we have a casserole so I can have mash to soak up all that lovely casserole gravy I have to leave.
I do think it all depends on the person, i've heard people say they can't lose weight following green days but it's what I have mostly done so it works for me!
Mix it up and see how you get on -variety is the spice of life!!

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I would definitley mix things up a bit, it makes your body react to loosing the weight.
Good luck with that and let us know how you get on.



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I agree with Betty. If you don't like red, don't do it otherwise you could get really fed up and go off plan totally xx


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As a bit of a boost, I've just had the first person to ask me if I've lost weight, so hoorah for that!!!! Made me feel loads better!


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Do you have a third of your plate superfree veg when you do EE? That's what puts me off doing EE very often, it's hard to judge a 3rd of your plate when you're having casseroles or curries etc where all the stuff is mixed in. I like EE for the odd day here and there but think I'll stick to green mainly.


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for me i use ee if im going out and i dont know what there will be, day to day at work where im set in my green mid set i will just keep going like that for me anyway as with ee the first week i put on 2lbs so although its easier to do i think green is a quicker loss for me


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I think it's all a state of mind. Me, I would be happy with 1lb a week, but then I'm of a certain age and the thought of being a 14 is do-able in 12 months. If you don't mind a steady loss then stick with EE, but I think I would be tempted to do another plan just for a week every now and then, or a couple of days when you aren't stressed, just to give your body a shock and perhaps speed your loss. Whatever you decide, good luck!


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Thanks guys. What would I do without you all?