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Just to say Hello CD'ers - Day One for me


Proper Little Madam
Hiya Peeps :)

I have been on a diet for the last twenty years and I am fed up of it. I start a diet and within a few days I end up binge eating and blowing my diet. In fact since I joined this site a year ago I have gained a stone.:confused:
With every stone I gain I get more and more depressed, fed up and annoyed with myself.

I am addicted to food, in particularly sugar and carbohydrate based food.
So I have decided to take food out of the equation to hopefully crush this horrendous addiction - I have joined CD and today is day one.
I am on my first litre of water and am just about to make a shake.

I just wanted to say hello to you all and I look forward to losing weight with you and becoming the slim, fitter people we deserve to be.

Love Gaynor x x
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Slimming down the aisle
Greetings Gaynor!! Welcome to the diet. I can promise you a few things. I can't promise it'll be easy. But I can promise you that it'll be worth it. That it gets easier than those first few days. And I can also promise you that you have this entire forum behind you, supporting you and rooting for you! So you can do it I'm sure! If you have any problems, questions or you're struggling and need some support or encouragement, just drop by! Wishing you the very best of luck, though I'm sure we'll talk more!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Gaynor
just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best on your cd journey.
Its a great diet you see great results if you stick with it.
Drink lots of water, and stick with it and you will be SLIM before you know it..
Good luck x


Proper Little Madam
Thank you Caroline x x

I understand the first week is the hardest, so I am going to stay really focused for the next seven days and I shall be posting a lot to keep my hands busy.:p

After being made redundant (I start new job in six weeks) I decided to spend the next six weeks focused on me, immersing myself totally in CD and enjoying the losing weight journey.
So now is the perfect time for me to give CD my all.

I was wondering if all you lovely people exercised on CD and if so...what kind of exercises do you do?

Gaynor x


Slimming down the aisle
I have an ab cruncher which I use, a dance workout dvd and a wii fit and my fitness coach. Use a range/variation of those!


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi Gaynor and good luck on your CD journey, so long as your head is in the right place you'll get through without too much of a struggle, just remember to keep your water level up and have plenty things to do to take your mind of the dreaded "F" word..lol.
As you'll know there are loads & loads of people on here that will help and support you along the way. Good luck chick. x


Full Member
Hi Gaynor,
Welcome to CD! My only tip for you would be to stay on this site for the next few days and get as much support and inspiration as you can to keep you going.
Everyone's going through the same thing and they're all lovely so good luck!

Hello there gaynor :D:D I recently started CD im now in Week 3 and it gets easyer as you go on and the results are fast so far :D Exercise wise i would try something less strenuious to start with as your energy tends to run out fast with being on CD, I have a small trampoline which is great and gives you a good work out without being too harsh :) I also have an Ab Cruncher which can be a killer on ya stomach muscles but just dont do too many lol. Also try walk everywhere you can rather than driving youd be suprised how much of an effect walking has!.. Welcome to CD and hope you enjoy it :D


Proper Little Madam
Thank you ladies. :grouphugg:

I think for this week I will stick to long walks and a few core exercises, as soon as I get into the swing of these shakes I shall maybe up the ante a bit and try a bit more cardio and light weights.

Good luck everyone. x x


Silver Member
Hi Gaynor,

Well done on taking the CD step. I'm 3 and a bit weeks in now and although it has it's moments, in many respects, it's one of the easiest things I've ever done. Once you get into ketosis the hunger goes and for me, that's one of the key things. I know now that if i'm tempted to eat, it's not to do with hunger (apart from if it's been a good few hours since my last shake and I have a little rumbly tum as normal people do!) and so I've become much more aware of any emotional eating I want to do.

The difficult areas for me are around the socialising aspect as it's a very restrictive diet on that front. But the way I'm looking at it is that it's not forever and I'll be doing this for a relatively short period of time.

The last time I lost any significant amount of weight was 16 years ago when I'd finished uni and didn't have a job, so I can totally understand where you're coming from with your 6 week focus plan! Sounds great. And just think how doubly fab you'll feel when you start your new job with real confidence about how you look!

Good luck with everything. I'll look forward to hearing how you're getting on :)

Hi Gaynor welcome to the board and good luck, im on day six and totally loving it, this forum is brilliant for the hard days, just stay focused and try to enjoy it. The people here are really friendly and helpful xx


Proper Little Madam
Good luck with the rest of your journey Thelma, you're well on the way to slimdom. x x

Day 6 eh Witchy? Well done you. x x I wish I was there too...skip the headaches and the hunger pangs and go straight into ketosis lol.

Wow Sarette you really have done well rattling down the weights, 63lbs in 18 weeks is amazing! Well done you.!!!!!

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