Just waiting for my starting date


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Hiya Denise

Best thing to prepare is cut down on carbs as much as possible so stick to protein based meals and also up your water intake in readyness, you should be able to shed a few pounds while you wait to start and then you'll have a much easier first week without the carb withdrawal and the shock of drinking 4 litres of water a day.

Good luck! The diet is mad but it works :)



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Another Bride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There seems to be a lot of brides to be on here recently !!! Anyway, good luck Denise !! I felt exactly the same as you, all fired up and raring to go !! If you can, up your water intake because 4 litres can seem a lot at first but you soon get used to it, honest !! ( I am only on day 13 myself) Have your 'last suppers' a few days before you start if possible then your carb withdrawal will be less. Personally I only had a slight headache for a day - it is the going to the loo all the time that is the hardest !!! Good luck !!:)
Mike & Catwoman

Thanks both for your replies.

Well it all starts a week today, had a call from my LLC tonight and the new group starts on the 13th.

Will try and ease off on the carbs from tomorrow and begin the water intake!! Regular trips to the loo here I come.



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I've no advice to add, but wanted to say welcome to the mad house!

Good luck whenever you start!



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Welcome July Bride, I would like to wish you all the luck in the world.. Follow the advise above and you wont need the luck, it will be a breeze after the first week.:D


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Hi Denise,
I had to wait too and it drove me frantic as I was all geared up. My LLC let me start a week before the group started in the end. Maybe yours will ?

Start getting used to the water intake coz it's a bit of a shock ! Others say cut down on carbs etc as it is easier but I had nobody to tell me that and I ate everything in site including a last supper meal out the night before I started !

Also get all your friends who are smaller than you to donate their clothes....seriously, I have come down the clothes sizes so quickly that it's damned expensive to keep up and I have been grateful for a few cast offs to keep me going.

Remember it's all worth it and that's what counts.

Good Luck !