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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by summergurl, 20 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥




    done. Thanks for listening/reading :giggle:
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  3. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    em why you wanna scream? i want a punching bag haha!
  4. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Ya know a punch bag would come in very handy right now. My bro has one but its not hung up ... blasted thing! :mad:
  5. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    Would send you a ((hug)) but you've scared me!

    Hope you're ok x
  6. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    i wud just put it on the floor and kick it to bits hahaha! so felt like that on sunday.
  7. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    hahahahahaha theres an idea anne-marie! Ill do that next time!!

    Sorry i scared you trixie :giggle:
  8. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member


    Get it off your chest girl! S'not good to bottle up those emotions!

    God I love a good scream and rant!

    Oh (I'm nosey) what happened?

  9. xsarahloux

    xsarahloux ~~someday!~~

    oh tanya! what's going on?! hope you feel better xxx
  10. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    lol u nutter.

    cant believe u only have 4 days left. bet ur so excited. 39days for me which seems like no time at all.

    x x
  11. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    It was just one of those days where everything and anything, no matter how small annoyed the hell out of me!!!!! Feel alot better today and not so full on anger :giggle:

    Ahhh jenny i cant believe i have only 4 days left either! Im very excited! Im more excited about going food shopping than i am eating! LOL
  12. soon2Byummymummy!

    soon2Byummymummy! Silver Member

    Glad your not so angry today tan!! and only four days left to go that should make you scream with delight lol!!!
  13. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    LOL .... i hate it even though im a little excited as for some reason i cant stop thinking about food. Its just cuz i know i can eat again on monday so the mind messes with you for a laugh! :giggle: I was exactly the same last time around but hey ho! :p
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