Just want to say toodle pip for a little bit


Do not fear!! I am on the wagon!!!! The lovely carpet bag wagon, what I really mean is that I need to say bye bye to minimins for a little bit.

I have huuuuuuuuuuge amounts of work to do for uni and it's all getting too much and is making me a very stressed and grumpy Nicole and I need to get it done!

So, I'm just saying bye bye for a little bit to Minimins so I can focus and do my ruddy work!! darn addictive minimins....:rolleyes:

I may do a little bit of lurking on the weekend whilst at work because I can't do any uni stuff whilst I'm there....but I doubt I'll be posting....so....byeeeeeeeee for now......maybe see you guys at some point next week??

If my threads are far far far away on page a million and 2 I'll cry ok??:(

Be good.....byeeeeee!!!
Ah yes... uni work. Grr.

Hope it all goes well dear! I'll see ya on Tuesday in any case hehe.

I got lots of work to do to so best be off!

~ Erin xx
BYE NICOLE!!!!! im gona miss our weekly visits but i hope all goes well and i will be doin as i promised and letting ya know how me AND erin are gettin on altho im sure laura (is that her name) will let you know aswell. Here comes the HARDCORE!!!
hope to be tiny when i see you next ...... and hopefully you will not be bald by pullng out your hair!!!
ps i figured this was the best place to post my goodbye as it seemed like an appropriate one of your threads hehe xx