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Extra Easy Days Just wanted to say.....


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I have been keeping a food diary this week and I lost ......drum roll please......6.4lbs:D:D:D:D

Now, I don't normally keep a food diary on here cos I'm brilliant and I know exactly what I eat in a day, and nothing gets passed my lips that shouldn't.....yeah right, thats why my weight hasn't moved in weeks, thats how good I am.

So, if you think your like me and brilliant with your food but just cann't put your finger on why your weight isn't coming off as you had hoped, and before you start blaming the diet plans, KEEP A FOOD DIARY, they work!:D:D:D:D
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Wow! That's brilliant. Well done! X


Grappling with life
Well done, that is an excellent loss, bet you're very pleased!

I too have been keeping a food diary this week as I felt I had become complacent. Hope I have a good loss too.

Keep up the good work.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
What a Star! (well we knew that) but what a fantastic loss! Tried to rep you but I must spread the love!


Wishing and hoping!
well done you for turning the situation into a positive one :) I always have to write it down as I try t keep in control, although I heighlighted an area in which I don't keep track of. That is not weighing my food and bloody hell does it don't half make a difference. Especially when you get into naughty little habits *ahem* when you increase the A's & B's :)


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Well done!

I've started keeping a diary..so far so good.
Did you exercize more than usual this week?
Will check out ur food diary, as i'm trying to give EE a go after much hesitation!

No I didn't excersise, the nearest I got to breaking out in a sweat was hugging the radiators. :)


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done you! That is Brilliant!
I tried to rep point you too, but also need to spread the love around.... what a star you are ((hugs))


I can do this............
well done to you! What a good post to remind us all about keep a diary!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Well done hun, that's fantastic going and what a great start to 2010! xxx


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Well done matey that is fantastic :) xx