Just wondering about price :-)


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There is another post about prices that was done just the other week. Most cdc's pick there own prices. I was £39 and that was 21 packets.


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my shakes are 1.68 and bars 1.90


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Thank you both. There doesn't seem much difference only a few pence:)
I will look again for the other thread.


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mines £40 a week for 21 shakes.


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I pay £1.70 for shakes, soup and porridge, £1.95 for bars and tetra briks
so basic price is £35.70 per week for 21


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I pay £1.70 for soups and shakes and £1.90 for tetras.


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Hi everyone. I am new and just wondering if the price for the CD shakes and bars are the same which ever CDC you go to. My bars are £2.05 and shakes £1.80. Does that sound about right :)

this is what I pay, and also £2.05 for tetra blocks;)


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I pay the same x