Just Wondering - Mixing the Packets

Hi Sarah, i really dont think it will affect her diet or weight loss at all.Some peeps like their shakes/soups thick and some find it easier if they add more water or some peeps split their packs in 2.

I am not an experieinced vlcd peep but i am sure someone will soon pop in and offer some more advice.
Take care xx
As long as you are getting enough water is the main thing.

I like my shakes on the watery side and my soups.

Love Mini xxx
I make enormous shakes and quite substantial mugs of soup and my LLC said this is fine. We lose so much water from not eating food that this is no bad thing.
We had a locum counsellor a few weeks ago and she suggested to make a 'big' soup if you feel you need it by adding a savoury drink mix to a soup mix too. I do it sometimes and it really gives you the feeling of having had a proper portion of soup and tastes not much different to be honest. When I do this I use 350 ml water, 1 soup pack and 1 savoury drink. Remember you are only allowed 2 savoury drinks in a day though.

and I definately don't think using more water will make any difference at all

I asked my counsellor this when I first started the diet. I split my pack in two as I thought I wouldn't be able to cope on one pack for the evening. He said it's ok. Now I have my soup with 300mls and I find it lasts longer.
I make my soups with 400ml of water, a teaspoon of low-salt marigold bouillon (or CD savoury drink powder) and 2 dessertspoons of psyllium husks. Makes a big bowl of thick broth! Yum!!