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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mortal nikki, 16 February 2010 Social URL.

  1. mortal nikki

    mortal nikki Member

    Just wondering is there anyone else on the diet that are into console gaming.
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  3. CCH

    CCH Member

    I'm technically not on the diet until Monday, but I'm a big gamer. Have been since the SNES days (my first console) - I remember wasting hours away on Super Mario World!
  4. shelz

    shelz Silver Member

    I used to love consoles as a kid. Had majority of the ones released as my brother was a couple of years older and always wanted to be in the 'loop'. In our house at the moment we have a PS3, X Box 360, Wii and so many other consoles from the old days.

    I went through a big big stage of playing World of Warcraft on the PC. Loved that game. I had a little Rogue called Mallow - he was green awwwwwr!

    What type of games do you play and on what consoles?
  5. mortal nikki

    mortal nikki Member

    iam a xbox 360 player recently got avp although no good at it.in our house we have 2 xbox360s 3 original abox a silver ps2 dreamcast sega megadrive sega saturn snes
  6. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    The new Aliens vs Predator game is -SWEET-, I'm not much of a console gamer tbh although I do have a 360. More of a PC gamer tbh, lol Shelz the WoW virus has either directly or indirectly affected us all! I'm a major sucker for it!
  7. mortal nikki

    mortal nikki Member

  8. Shabba

    Shabba Loves the Nom Nom!!!

    We're into our consoles altough not as big as we used to be!

    we have the usuall toys like the Wii, xbox 360 and a few ps2's laying about with an n64 and goldeneye :cool:

    We've just gotten into WoW though and were a bit addicted to it. :eek:
  9. shelz

    shelz Silver Member

    It is a fantastical game though!
  10. Shabba

    Shabba Loves the Nom Nom!!!

    It is but i wanted to kill OH yesterday because he moaned i was on it at 11am so i came off at 11.30am and he was on it from 12pm till 9.30pm!!! wtf???? :mad:

    He's addicted to levelling up. He's now at level 42 and we've only had it 3 weeks :eek: Im only just level 14
  11. shelz

    shelz Silver Member

    What kind of character have you got? Are you alliance?
  12. Shabba

    Shabba Loves the Nom Nom!!!

    Im a human Mage. no idea about an alliance. :confused: I just do it for the quests :cool:

    and that i can turn baddies into sheep and shoot fire balls at them :D
  13. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Is it bad that I've got 5 level 80's?

    Yes of course it's bad >< it's a scarily addictive game, too many times I've gone "ok, not playing anymore I'm just so bored of it", then a few weeks/months later I'd resubscribe and spend HOURS on it, til I got bored again and unsubscribed :|
  14. Shabba

    Shabba Loves the Nom Nom!!!

    Yes thats bad! :eek: I went on this morning to set up a few auctions from the copper i've mined and low and behold OH has created a new one :giggle: So he has 3 now!
  15. mortal nikki

    mortal nikki Member

    I'm a very big console fan dont get a chance to play wow as sons always on it to tell you he truth im fed up with wow 3 times in les than 6months hes been hacked and blizzard have banned him for online trading when he hasnt even been in the house
  16. _Gizmo_

    _Gizmo_ Silver Member

    I've got a ps2 atm. Need a ps3 though, or a wii. Maybe both... lol!

    Love playing Guitar hero :D Managed to get 100% on linkin park's 'what i've done' on expert after like a million tries. Think my uni housemate was ready to kill me if I played it again after that lol!

    I also love the devil may cry and legacy of kain games :)
  17. Shabba

    Shabba Loves the Nom Nom!!!

    A Wii is a brilliant toy to have and great for having friends over for! we had a new years eve party with one :D

    I love the classics on the ps2, crash bandicoot kinda classics and spyro :giggle:
  18. NinaMyers

    NinaMyers Member

    I am a semi-console fan

    Currently have a wii, but it really is gathering dust. Fed up with it. (Doesn't help that the dog chewed the nun-chuck and I've not replaced it yet....)

    Tempted with the PS3 as it doubles up as a blueray player......
  19. johnnio

    johnnio Member

    im a bit of a gaming addict, used to play wow quite a lot few years back, when i say a lot i mean i was class leader in a hardcore raiding guild back in the days of C'thun and Naxxramas, stopped playing it as much with each expansion release and completely stopped after getting to 80, just isnt the same game anymore - though i probably will return for cataclysm (deathwing needs to get his cummupence! :D)

    wow aside however im a bit of a ps3 gamer whos looking forward to final fantasy 13 (if it ever arrives in the post!) and god of war 3 :) though i dont get as much time to play it as i used to due to work and gym commitments! hehe - if anyone wants to add me on psn i have the hilariously imaginative name "johnnio_m" :)
  20. ArcMom

    ArcMom Full Member

    Myself and dh have been playing since release almost!! I was playing back in the day when lvl 60 was the top lvl! :)
    My lvl 80 is a human mage too :)
    My dh had 5 lvl 80's and while ive only been playing about a month less than him, i still only have the one, my next highest is a lvl 52 shammy, then 48 rogue! I just cannot lvl alts at all, i get too bored, and am too lazy after my mage, as i portal everywhere! I cannot deal with running or flying or catching boats lol.

    I love wow tbh, as my dh says, it is just another medium of entertainment, we dont watch tv, rarely have it on, so this is what we do.

    I am looking forward to the next expansion, i think this will be the best one, and ive alreadt got my worgen name saved, if i have a healer, im calling her worgendonor.
  21. WINTER.

    WINTER. Full Member

    MW2 <3333

    Got a PS3. [:


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