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just worked it out

Hard times! I live in a flat and to the entrance at the front we have a pizza place and a tesco express and at the rear entrance we have a fish a chip shop :( my flat is always smelling of lovely garlic pizza bread.


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I feel quite lucky - there are no foodie shops by my work, and only a chippy and a chinese by the local shopping area!!! However, everywhere delivers!!!! :(


Will be thin god dammit!!
I too live behind a take away haven - 2 independant pizza shops, 1 dominos, 1 pizza hut, 1 greggs, 1 fish & chip shop, 1 chinese take away, 1 indian take away, 1 dixy chicken take away, 1 subway, 2 bakeries and a cake shop..........sigh.....the smell is evil!!!!!


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I just think the number of fast food places is shocking. Recently lost Burger King here, but are getting a KFC in the near future. They are taking over I think it was a Thai food restaurant.


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I'm lucky, I live 6 miles from the nearest shop and even our solitary pub is closed for renovation at the mo!


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Is horrid walking home, awaiting dindins only to smell multiple types of naughty foods, I usually console myself watching the muffin tops that go in and out of the stores.


Will be thin god dammit!!
If im honest I live behind all these take aways and rarely use them - might have something to do with always seeing the rubbish they put out and also watching the pizza/kebeb shops try and swill all the disgusting orange fat out of their yards - yuck!
I am lucky too. I live in a small village in Spain and the only take away we have is a kebab place and I hate kebabs !!!

It must be torture living so close to all those fantastic smells. I call them smells you can taste. Well done for resisting them.

Once I stayed with a friend who lives in Birmingham and she has everything within walking distance of her house. I am so glad I wasn't dieting then and got to try all of them......yummy......... now were is that carrot stick lol !!

Sue xx


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Don't you just love the smell of a bakery?


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I would go mad if I lived within smelling distance of a bakery Judi!!

Luckily there is nothing withing walking distance of me, just a little village shop which closes at tea time.

We have pizza, Indian, Chinese and a chippy in the next town but it's a drive away. I'm pleased really!
Before I retired, I used to commute to Paddington Station. One day (trains were delayed - again! - so I had time to look around me) I counted that there were 23 places on the station to buy food.

OK, some of it was stuff I wouldn't usually touch, like Burger King, but a lot of it was really lovely food! I used to have to put my head down and dash for the Underground!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww Allie - we have 2 green grocers and 2 butchers too so not so bad

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