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K.T's Weight Loss Diary

Hi all :)

I have every good intention of maintaining this diary and making entries every day (someone please slap my wrist if I don't!)

I am a serial yo-yo dieter and really want to banish the bulge permanently! My main reason for wanting to lose weight is that I am ttc my first child and have been for over a year now. Hubby and I are desparate to get pregnant and successfully carry that baby to term and losing weight should (in theory) really help that.

My stats:

Height: 5' 9"

Starting weight: 17 Stone 6lbs (EEEK!)

Starting BMI: 36

Thanks for reading (if you got this far :) Sorry for the waffle!)
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Day 1!!

Breakfast: Apple and Alpen light bar (HEB)

Lunch: Heinz tinned spag bol (I know, I know... but hadn't done my groceries)-8 syns. & toffee muller light

Tea: Grilled Salmon with broccoli and carrots. & toffee muller light

Snacks: Hard boiled egg
Alpen light bar

Looking back, quite a random day I would definitely recommend doing a good grocery shop the day you start so that you don't end up eating rubbish form the back of the cupboard :eek:

Been trying to drink more water too and feel better for it :)

Take it easy tigers x
that looks good to me good luckwith ttc i'm trying to lose weight to concieve aswell


has a thin girl inside!
Good luck!! Stick at it and it will work!!

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yeah its been over 2 years want a baby so bad
Thanks Cai :) And purple, sorry to hear that, hope it happens for you really soon, maybe we can motivate each other :) xx

Day 2

Breakfast: Banana and toffee mullerlight

Lunch: Salad leaves, carrots and beetroot with cheddar (HEA), Walkers Sunbites (6 syns) and passionfruit muller light (1/2 syn)

Tea: Stir fried chicken and veg

Alpen light bar (HEB)
and 5 thorntons chocolates (10 syns!!!) :( mucking it up already and only on day 2 :(

... and 5 thorntons chocolates (10 syns!!!) :( mucking it up already and only on day 2 :(
Great to see you've started your journey, i rejoined Monday - Dont beat yourself up about a little blip, the syns are there for you to use when you need them. i look at my syns over the week, so if i have a 'bad' day i just have a few less syns for the next couple of days. SW is all bout flexibility in life, not making you feel guilty if you fancy a bit of chocolate!

The fact that you worked out the syn value of your choccies and not just ate them and forgot about them is fantastic - it means you know where you are with this weeks syns and so can adjust to suit - besides which you only had 16 1/2 syns all day, whichis only 1 1/2 over 15 - you have by no means broken the bank!!!

Good luck with ttc - it took me 7 years and a test tube to conceive but i am convinced that being at target during ivf helped me catch first time.

good luck with day 3 xxx


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Thanks Val for your kind words

I have to apologise for the lack of diary entries but work has just been crazy busy and thursday and friday I ended up staying hours late. Fortunately although the diary may have fallen by the wayside, the diet hasn't (also bought Zumba for my wii which is a hard workout!).

Might rethink my diary tactics and just use it as a venting space rather than another food diary....


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I'm pretty Sh!t at this diary lark *oops*

2 bad days this week (arranged prior to SW) :( hope it hasn't undone my good loss from the 1st week (-6 lbs btw!!)


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Week 2 weigh in..... lost 2.5 lbs! so 8.5 lbs total :D

All the damage limitation I employed paid off hehe

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