Carpe diem
For the second week running, I lost only 2lb and it seems like my weight loss has reduced to a crawl. I was quite cheesed off about it but then I remembered the Japanese word KAIZAN.
This word represents the ethos of 'small changes made consistantly add up to a big difference' and it made me feel better about my achievement.

For the last few weeks my losses may have been small but when joined to what I've already lost, they add up to a huge difference in the quality of my life. So I should take off the blinkers from time to time and learn to look at the bigger picture.

Kaizan can be applied to any area: exercise, finances ... any situation where a change would be beneficial. I'm definitely going to use it more consciously ... I may even get it tattooed somewhere to remind me! :D

So remember KAIZAN .... even granite cliffs have been eroded away by the relentless, gentle lapping of waves, so I'm sure I'll get to my goal even if it's an OUNCE at a time!
I think a tattoo would be abit drastic!!
2lb is still fantastic! as you said still downwards.
You WILL get to your goal as will we all....even ME!
Kamilla xx
Proud to be a KAIZAN Wemitt!
Nice one Debs!

My little thing throughout the diet was OWJ !

Whenever I was on the phone and doodling I would write it and even had it inscribed (sp?) on a little petrol heater thing I bought for when i was so damn cold.

And it was up on my wall at work in big letters.

Can you guess what it stood for ?
OWJ ..... hmmmm

Only Wanting Jelly? nope

Don't know - spill :)
Oh how cool!!!! What a fab little slogan!!

NGB .... never going back! ;) (or 'No Greasy Burgers' :) )
I haven't actually had a burger since I finished the diet.

I have had lots of other things like curry and chinese and stuff but burgers just don't do it for me.

I have to say I am now THE biggest SUBWAY fan in the world!!

They do a Subway Club which is like £2.50 and low calorie, high fibre, super douper tasty and makes you realise what a rip off fast food chains are.

Yes please!! Post em up or mail me --> [email protected]

I did have a burger maker thingie I got from Lakeland but I found they fell to bits when I cooked them even if I put loads of egg in to make them bind well.

Mike, how long have you been maintaining for?? I got to goal on 1 May and i'm 10lbs over target due to bingeing. How are u coping????
I have been maintaining for 7 months now Karen and doing fine. I am the same weight I was when I reached goal weight and tend not to fluctuate very much.

I tend to have a few golden rules that I stick to which I have found invaluable in keeping the weight off and now just kind of do them without thinking about them.

I do eat badly though sometimes!! I don't eat salads and fresh air every day and I certainly don't jump back on SS every few weeks to lose a pound or two, (I do still have the peanut bars as a snack as they are super yummy!)

I suppose the key to it is finding moderation and that is where nirvana is.

Wow Mike that is truly impressive!!!!!!! I've gone back on 3 LL packs a day with one meal at night and i've decided this is gonna be my way of life from now on in!! I'm happy about it though, cos i do love them (choc shake for brekkie, thai chilli soup for lunch and a toffee bar at 4pm) - and it makes me feel in control.

However every few days i have mega binges - really angry with myself but something takes over me and i can't control it. Not binged since Tuesday and sundays are dodgy days for me but i'm soooooooooo not gonna binge this weekend!
Mmmmm!! Have you not got to the bottom of the binging on LL as that will always be a problem otherwise????

Why do you binge? Is it because of emotion or that you poked the snake of hunger ?

I've absolutely no idea, i just want food and that's it! i kid myself that a bit of chicken and fruit won't hurt but then that spirals out of control and i eat crisps, biscuits and takeaways - it's a clear pattern emerging, i think once i break my plan (even with a bit of chicken), i just go beserk - i'm an all or nothing girl and i'm either perfect or rubbish!! I'm gonna get some one on one counselling and am just waiting for my gp to recommend someone locally....

Lot's of people here are struggling with bingeing though, wonder if it's a side effect of the diet? hmmmm.
Not sure it is a side effect as I think most people I talk to did it before the diet as well. Did you?

I know sometimes if I have something very high GI such as a baked spud then about 90 minutes later I get the "munchies" so I tend to definitely keep a lower GI approach to life!

I think the counselling sounds a good idea and I am still trying to find a local counsellor in Great Yarmouth that I can refer people to if they are struggling with non-diet related issues or need professional counselling advice beyond my diet advice.

I ate a lot before the diet, and mainly the wrong things but i didn't binge like i do now. I don't get it at all, today i'm v focussed and can't imagine putting my new slimness at risk, but as i said it's like someone takes over me and i lose the ability to think rationally. I'm hoping the counselling will help!! I think i'd commit suicide if i piled the weight back on!!!!