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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Rabbit, 1 May 2007 Social URL.

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  1. Rabbit

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    Just wanted to send you a message, but couldn't find how on this forum.

    Well as per most others I've popped on here to say hello, I do like this site, just posting on two tad cofuses me.... But I really like some of the features on here and it does seem very friendly....

    Any way, what I wanted to say was, I've just found your diary and you've closed it........:sigh:

    I want to read it, it will be great to read about someone whom has completed the diet, done the plans and maintained the weight.

    I feel really really happy after reading your last couple of threads as you really seem to have got yourself in a position to just continue with life without food being anymore of an issue than it is with normal people who have never had a weight problem. And that is the aim of us all.

    Any way, just wanted to say that, you have been a great help to me since I started and you still are.

    Just off now to see if I can print out your diary before you delete it.:p

    Luv Rabbit XXXX
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  3. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Hiya Rabbit!! Thanks for the me message :) This forum does do pms but you need to post a bit before you get the option. Still...it was even better to see this on the public forum :D Raises my profile :D

    Yeah, we're not a bad bunch over here;) I think the two sites work well together, but I understand about posting on both being confusing. I tend to talk more on here as there are more maintainers, but as you know, I did my dieting journey on the pink site and it served my needs well :)

    Only just. Had I realised you were over here, I might have left it open:rolleyes: But it was time to close it for my own sanity. Time to move on and all that, and stop blahing about nothing.:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:

    Of course, if I had a life, it might have been a little more interesting:sigh: Instead, it tends to be deep boring analysis stuff most of the time (big yawn).

    Thank you. I'm still in shock really. Am I really doing this??? Me???:eek: Little Miss Hopeless Case:rolleyes: I suppose it would be naive to believe that I have now finished my 'journey' and will never be fat again. I almost believe it though. Okay, I do believe I will never have a weight issue again unless a big medical condition jumps up at me. With the head stuff I'm pretty safe though...I hope. Guess the 'journey' doesn't finish until I stop breathing.

    You can't believe the relief of knowing that I won't need the top ten list of the Worlds Strongest Men to carry my coffin :D

    OMG, wouldn't do that. Your printer will go into shock :D

    Anyway, I'm not going to delete it. Just let it fall off the page. It really has become quite embarrassing of late. Easier to close it. Happy though, just wasn't serving a purpose any more. Maybe it'll help someone though so no deleting :)

    You've done brilliantly yourself. I have this feeling that you're going to do just fine down the maintenance route:bliss:

    You go gal! Never diet again. This time maintenance is for life eh.
  4. Rabbit

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    I think it is fab, that you feel as you do right now. And I seriously think you have done just the right thing, closing your diary in away as it gives you closure on the route you have taken to feeling as you do know if that makes any sense.

    I hope I do the maintence thing, it is funny but I can see myself doing it to and I know that I will not go back to eating like I did before. I have as you know been away a few times and come of the diet for those times, but I have got straight back on it, lost weight every week and am really looking forward to starting the plans. (Fingers Crossed 4 weeks I should be about there for them).

    You don't take rubbish in your diary, and the food bits are really good, I haven't had time to look at much yet, but will later.

    Nothing is easy, but going without food tell us we have control and we can do it, so I just need to put that into practice and eat the right things.

    The demons are hovering like you said, but I have a huge baseball bat to hit them with.

    And Ha Ha Strongest Man, will be able to lift you with his little finger now.

    I hated not fitting into small chairs very well......... But for some reason, (which is fab), my bum is smaller now than before I put on weight, so I don't need to worry about that.

    Ok I better go as I am rambling now. Just about to take the kids swimming...................... And really feel like going to bed.

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