Karion - Need your advice!


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Hi Karion, I was going to send you a PM but thought others might benefit from any advice you have!

You've managed to lose a tonne of weight and keep it off for ages...what is your average calorie intake?

I have managed to GAIN 1 pound doing WW, which is tragic as I stuck to it 100% and went from heavy eating over Christmas to it, so expected to lose at least a couple of pounds.

Have I been hoodwinked by LL and lost all that weight just to realise I'll never ever be able to eat anywhere near normal (i.e. over 1000 cals) food again? Do I need to give my body more time? Should I just go and have an operation?

Am really feeling let down by LL ...if it's buggered me up for life then I'd really rather have the 5.5 stones back as I've already managed to get 2 of them within 3 weeks returned to me.

Any advice...hope?

OOooh I'm dead chuffed. Someone wants advice from liddle ol me :cool: :D

My average calorie intake is about 1800 cals. Just as it should be for my age etc.

Yes...I do find it unbelievable as I really thought CD would screw up my metabolism, but as research has shown...it just hasn't...not in the long term anyway.

So, I'm trying to think what's happened in your case. It does take a few weeks for the body to adjust after a VLCD, but you had time over Christmas, and now with WW. Would have thought you'd be 'back to normal' now.

It could be just one of those things you know. We get used to losing weight each week, and when you go on a more traditional diet, you have to have a different mindset.

Even so, I would have thought you would have had a loss. Guess you are going to have to put this down to water retention :(

On the other hand. Which plan are you doing? Points or NC? Are there any free foods allowed? If so, they can all add up (which is why I prefered calorie counting for a while anyway).

I think you need to give it a full month before you decide that if it's not working for you. Reckon you've just had an off week and if you stick to the plan, you'll get there.

I certainly don't believe a VLCD has buggered you up and I think you'll be on a slipper slope to a lifetime of problems if you accept that. I did Cambridge some 20 years ago. Jumped ship when I got to target and used the metabolism thing for years after as a great excuse to eat.

I know you're not using as an excuse to eat, but you do need to trust your body and get that one out of your mind once and for all, otherwise you'll be repeating my lifetime of problems. Certainly not to be recommended :(

Hang in there Joe.
Thanks Karion, 1800 cals would be bliss at the moment, but good to know it can be done.

I'm on the points system of 22, and have stuck to it 100%, the only free foods i've had has been a salad with my sandwiches at lunchtime...rocket, cuc, tom, spring onion & no fat dressing.

I think it will be hard to give it a month if i'm gaining weight, but I'll certainly give it another week and see if there is a loss.

Thanks a lot - Joe
Arty if you went from LL to WW then you would have put on some glycogen anyway so I wouldn't worry about the 1 pound gain at all.

And I have around 2400 calories a day and maintain fine as well so don't think you have to starve for the rest of your life :)