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Kate's Diary...A New Me!!!

Well, i guess i should really have started this when i went back on LT for my 3rd attempt but better late than never.
I am heading towards my 4th WI this week but losing my way a bit.
I have had 3 brilliant losses so far and i am desperate to get another 4 lbs off so i am rid of 2 stone. Just to be able to say i am working towards my 3rd stone is something i have not achieved for many many years.
I don't know why i am dropping my head a bit, maybe this is something that occurs round about the 4th week.
The cravings have passed now and i'm not feeling hungry, just very very cold.
I am hoping another loss this week will kick me back up again and get my positive head back on. Mini goal is to be 100% from now until WI on Friday morning! xx
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You can do it! You've had some amazing losses, two stone in a month would be amazing! I think the novelty can wear off a bit after a few weeks as its not new anymore so you get a bit complacent - thats always my problem and I've got to stop it this time around. As long as we're aware of it and keep in mind those great losses why should you want to sabotage all that great effort you've put in!!! your on a roll now, picture yourself in a month or two!
Thanks Lola. Good choice of words there. 'Sabotage all the effort i've put in' really hit home because i've not thought about it like that before. My first mini goal was to reach WI on 4th week so i will be able to tick that one through on Friday :)
I was over the moon when i realised i had lost 2 stone on my week 4 WI on Friday.
Not sure what happened but had a very bad day yesterday.
I have however got back on track today and intend to be 100% for the rest of the week now.
There certainly are some days more difficult that others on LT but well worth keeping at it xx
I am feeling much happier again now.
I have just enjoyed a 2 mile wet and really windy walk to the school and home!!
Still on the 100% and think i have finally cracked it to stay that way.
I have upped my water intake and it really does help xx
I am on my second consecutive day at 100% and that is the first time i have achieved that in 5 weeks......embarrassed to admit that!
Thanks to Chuck and Sandra.B for your support and everyone else who has posted on here to help. I finally feel maybe i am in the zone 100%.
I know i couldn't do it without this forum though, what a fab bunch of people we have here :) xx
Well done sweetheart, you can do this:D
Stay strong, you're my inspiration! I lost 12lbs in my first week too and am hoping to replicate your weight losses and be 2st down in a month.
OMG struggling tonight is an understatement. It's WI tomorrow and i will not be stupid and cave in. I have been really really craving hot buttered toast for the last 2 hours. Currently drinking another black coffee then i am going to bed. Day 3 of being 100%....i can and will do it.
I am so hoping for a loss tomorrow...night all xx
Morning all,
I am so glad i won the battle last night.
Another 6 lbs are now gone for good and i can't stop smiling.
Almost 2 and a half stone gone in 5 weeks, i never thought that was possible at all.
I figured by now i would be back to eating all the stuff that has led me to be here but not a chance.
I am finally in control of food rather than it being in control of me.
Now working towards losing another 8 lbs to hit the 3 stone loss and then start on the next stone :D xx
Kate u are doing sooo well! Keep on going coz im right behind u x
Oh Kate that's so brilliant! I'm absolutely thrilled for you! Should be a lot easier now that you're well into it, not exactly plain sailing but certainly calmer waters:D
Thank you Sandra :D
I am actually feeling now that it is a lot easier. I know i will get evenings like last night but at least now i know i can overcome it.
I never realised before now what a difference being in ketosis makes, i wish i'd listened to your sooner lol xx
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Horrendous weekend. Written it off, what's done is done but back on it today!
Hoping rain will stop so i can go for a really long walk along the beach later and try to get positive head back on xx
Sorry to hear the weekend is a write off Kate, but getting back on track is what's important now... You are doing really well, don't let the "blip" pull you down.. You CAN do this, and you WILL do it....

Fantastic losses so far x x

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