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Katie Price


time to get focused


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Quite the opposite, sorry. I can't stand the attention-seeking, media-savvy b... woman.
Chop off an arm or leg?...I'm with Lily on this one...she's not my cup of tea...plus you know they say people look like their pets, well she keeps horses, have you seen her teeth lately! Can't believe people actually pay to have teeth that big!

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Team Andre sorry! She's a manipulative so and so!


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Wish I never started this thread lol x

Nah, you're okay. :) I can see why many people are fascinated by her. Just not me, unfortunately.


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sorry I'm with the others and I have to be honest and say i would rather put all my weight back on than have her body - I think she looks gross. But what I think doesn't matter - you enjoy going to meet her - get someone to take a photo of her talking to you and post it on here for us all to see - maybe we are missing something??


please try again
while i respect the fact that she branched out with her buisness interests with perfume, books, clothes etc insted of relying on money for getting her tits out i really cant stomach the womans personality, she needs therapy the way she lashes out when things arnt going the way she expects them too


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I love her, hoping to go when she signs in my town, too. Honestly I think she's a smart broad, she plays the media game well and lives her life. And she's a little bit insane, as all good English celebrities should be. I liked her with peter but bless him he's a bland boy and totally owned by his management. Katie is a wild card. Has anyone seen the morning after the life before posters out now? She looks so beautiful and mermaidy on them.

Fair enough, she might not be someone I'd hang out with - but I'm the shy and quiet, bookish type. I respect her for being who she wants to be.

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