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Katie's Diary :)

Hi everybody

I just joined as I thought this looked like a really friendly forum with lots of support!

Just to warn you all I am probably going to write what could be classed as an essay as I have alot to say hehe

I started weightwatchers a few years ago and managed to lose 4 stone! I was about 16 when I started the diet. I didnt like the way I looked at all and sadly got bullied about my weight at school.

I weighed 12 and a half stone, was a size 18-20 and was 5ft 1 and I knew this was an unhealthy weight to be at for my height as my BMI was 33, which is in the obese range.

I then started Weightwatchers and lost 4 stone in under a year, taking me down to 8 and a half stone and a size 10! I couldnt afford to go every week so I bought some books off the internet and used them instead. This made it even tougher as I had no support from anyone and had to use will power alone.

In the last 2 - 3 years I put 2 and a half stone back on, making me 10 stone 10lbs, which is overweight for my height, as i am still only 5ft 1 (cant believe I haven't grown at all lol). I can't really think how I managed to put the weight back on, but you know how it is. You go away on holiday and think oh i'll treat myself while I'm away, then you come back and your eating habits stay the same. Then theres birthdays and christmas where I think, its a special occassion so i'll forget the diet!

Another problem I have is alcohol. I'm 19 and I go out quite a lot with friends to clubs and pubs. I would probably class myself as a binge drinker and I use the alcohol to give myself more confidence :sigh: I went out last Sunday tho and stayed within my points. I only ate 10 points worth of food and spent the other 10 on alcohol (tut tut). Vodka and diet cokes are only 1 point a drink so that was great!

Anyway, Ive been doing Weightwatchers again for nearly 2 weeks, it will be 2 weeks on Friday when I will weigh myself again. I'm not going to the meetings as I am unemployed right now and can't afford it.

In my first week I lost 5lbs yay! So last Friday I weighed 10 stone 5lbs which I'm very happy about :) and I'm hoping this week I lose at least 2lbs so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

I will write down what I ate today (my diets probably very different to others as I like to eat junk food) lol

1 bag of Wotsits - 1.5
1 treat size bag of maltesers - 2
1 capri- sun - 1.5
Another bag of Wotsits - 1.5
And another bag of Maltesers - 2
WW spaghetti bolognese - 5
Another capri-sun - 1.5
A third (yes a third!) bag of maltesers - 2
1 packet of walkers crisps - 2
1 cup of options hot chocolate - 1

Total = 20 points

Im actually pretty shocked reading this back as the only decent food Ive had that wouldnt be classed as junk food to snack on is the spaghetti bolognese! I guess I would rather eat junk food and be hungrier, how embarrassing lol

Well i'm going to post my food diary every day/couple of days and maybe it will improve and I will start to eat healthier food :)

Sorry for rambling on so much, I had a lot to say so I hope someone reads my post hehe
I know there is a lot of help on this forum, but if anyone has any questions about points or weightwatchers or anything at all, feel free to send me a message!

Thanks for reading and take care, Katie xxx

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Hello! It's good to have you here :D Well done on your weight loss so far in the past & on your restart.

Others may disagree with me but I think what is important in the early days is that you stick to your points. You can work on how you use those points over time so hopefully increase your healthier food options. Don't forget some fruit is very low in points so if you just add say an apple a day it's only going to cost you 0.5 points. And then there are those free vegetables, I love raw carrots :) If you have free veg you can still have your maltesers ;)

I like WW cheese puffs, 1 point a packet so less than the wotsits leaving 0.5 point for perhaps a piece of 0.5 point fruit?

Good luck & don't beat yourself up for your food choices, just plan to make some changes over time :D
Welcome to the forum and goodluck! I completely agree with Anna. You are doing really well and I am sure your diet will improve over time.

I am looking forward to seeing how your WI goes. When do you weigh?
Hi Katie and welcome.

You sound just like me, except i weigh alot more lol.

I'm the same! I had very low confidence at school, i wasnt really bullied as such. When i was 16 i lost 2 stone with WW (did it unofficially) and put it all back on and now here i am again, back on WW.

I'm 19 too and do go out every so often, we just have to make sure there's no kebabs on the way home! Lol.

My goal is around 13 stone (i'm 5 foot 11) so i have alot to lose but i am slowly getting there. As Anna says, try including low point fruit and veg. It will fill you up and spread the points around a bit more.

Pink and white wafers are a good low point snack aswell, i'm sure theres a sticky on the front page with some great ideas and you can always grab ideas from the food diaries on here too.

Best of luck and keep us informed on how you get on! xx
Thanks for the replys anna, lea and emma :) so much good advice!

I think i'm going to get some pink n white wafers because I completely forgot how tasty and low in points they are!

I looove vegetables i just never quite get around to eating them :confused: I don't really like fruit but I think i might start a rule, i have to eat one piece of fruit to have one treat (like maltesers).

Also I dont really know how much I'm meant to drink in a day but i hardly drink at all. I usually at a push have 500ml to drink a day which I dont think can be good. I just forget to drink! So i think i need to sort that out as well. xxx
sounds like a plan to me! I do that with exercise rather than fruit / veg as now I live on my own I've gotten into the habit of cooking for myself and adding veg. You could just have veg though - you dont have to have fruit, especially as most veg you can have for free when you do have to point your fruit :)

also, dont blame you for 3 bags of maltesers.. they are my favouritest chocolate ever (closely followed by Cadburys Fruit and Nut) and i almost slipped and bought a £6.49 bucket the other day.. (was using excuse it would be for a present for someone, but i knew i would open it if i got it home so i managed to resist :p)

I struggle with water as well - I carry one of those large Buxton bottles around with me (1l i think they are??) and my aim is to drink one of those a day.. however I add low cal orange squash to it because I'm not a fan of water on its own!)

good luck with your next weigh in, i'm sure you'll manage - I'm a couple of years older than you but we all struggle to go out and stick to points when drinking - if you know in advance, maybe try to earn a few activity points each day (you can earn and eat 12 points a week) or save some from your allowance to add to your weekend :) xxx
Maltesers are seriously yum! Welcome to WW and Minimins and well done on your first week's loss!

I would agree with everyone else, get used to staying within your points first and then start looking at eating more healthily. Well worth adding veg tho as it's 0 points - hooray!!!

Good luck for this week x
Just wanted to say thanks again for all the posts, everyones so friendly here! :)

The food i ate today was alot better than yesterday but i didnt drink anything :(

So here it is:

Toast with butter and marmite (2 slices) - 5
Maltesers - 2
McCoys crisps - 3
Wotsits - 1.5
WW chicken ceaser wrap - 4.5
Muller Light - 1.5
Monster Munch - 1.5
Cadbury Highlights Chocolate Mousse - 1

Total = 20 :)
Well done!! :D It really is important you drink, if for no other reason that to stay healthy & aviod kidney problems. Is there anything you enjoy drinking thats free like diet coke, squash etc? Might be worth getting some supplies of things you like to drink in the house :)
Thanks for the replys anna, lea and emma :) so much good advice!

I think i'm going to get some pink n white wafers because I completely forgot how tasty and low in points they are!

Some people have said pink and whites are nice microwaved for a couple of seconds too!

Good idea bout the 1 fruit - 1 treat thing!

I hardly drink too, sometimes i go all day and i wont even have noticed i havent drunk anything. I'm so bad at that but just keep a bottle with you everywhere you go and occasionally sip at it xxx
ooo i think im going to pop a pink n white in the microwave and see if its any good hehe

Yeah i might try and carry a bottle of water round with me, i dont know why i just dont like drinking, its taken me nearly an hour to drink a capri-sun and they're tiny!

I love diet coke but my teeth are bad coz i used to drink a lot of fizzy drinks :( I dont like water, but i like orange squash so maybe i can try and drink that.

Unless it's alcohol I wont drink it :p hehe xxx
Im really disappointed today :(

I weighed myself this morning and in a week i've actually put on half a pound! I dont understand how that couldve happened as I've been really good all week and havent cheated at all :( xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi .. i just wanted to welcome you to the site .... just reading through your menus .. Your lil gain could have somthing to do with not drinking enough? I know that sounds crap! lol ... im rubbish at drinking to! But it does help even a glass extra ...

also your not having your three meals a day ... maybe your body is sorta struggling so to speak so holding onto stuff? ...

Just a couple of ideas :) ... Hope your ok xxx
Thanks pixie :) im really going to try hard to drink more coz i feel unwell quite often through not drinking and i dont want to put on weight again!

i think your right about the drink helping me lose weight, my mum said it helps flush everything through ur system xxx


Has the power of the horn
Im really disappointed today :(

I weighed myself this morning and in a week i've actually put on half a pound! I dont understand how that couldve happened as I've been really good all week and havent cheated at all :( xxx
Hi, welcome!! Was it your weigh in day that you weighed youself on? Sometimes I go up and down and all sorts during then week so am trying hard not to jump on the scales unless its weigh in day!
I too struggle with drinking water, but i have tea and diet coke, drinking it with a straw helps your teeth!!
Asda also sell a sugar free no cal syrup thing that you add to water to add a flavour to it, its great and only about 30p!
Good luck with the rest of the week!
sorry to hear you had a gain. Could have been anything from your previous week as wannabeslim posted about the 10day cycle us lasses so through, so i would follow pixie's advice about the drinking even just one more drink, and hopefully it'll show for you next week :) dont get disheartened - you're still doing really well. Keep it up chuck! xxx
Hows it going now chick?x
Hey everyone! Sorry I havent been posting, I've had a really busy hectic week lol

Well I weighed myself this morning, as Friday is always my weigh day, and i was in complete shock to be honest!

Last week i managed to put on half a pound, so i wasnt too optimistic about my weight today :(

Anyway, I hopped on the scales and I've lost 3.5lbs!!! Yay :)

I havent been drinking more coz again i keep forgetting, but ive been eating less junk and more meals like people have told me to on here!

I've been making pizzas that are only 5.5 points and theyre very yummy and fill me up, and i find they taste better than the WW pizzas lol

Anyway thanks for all the posts, I will try n get into the swings of writing my food diary this week xxx
congrats on 3.5lbs off thats brilliant!! over half a stone off now! :) keep up the good work :D

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