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Kats Diary

Hi everyone

Well here's my story, I've been putting on weight since I finished my A levels, 9 years ago (just realised it's nine years!!). I am now 27, and 15 1/2 stone.
I have known for a long time that I am overweight and that I need to do something about it but never quite got there. I've decided now is the time!! I am sick of feeling bad about myself, about the way I look. I want to feel good about myself again, I want to start dancing again, which I did regularly before putting on too much weight, and I want to run around with my 3 year old daughter, so I need to lose 5 stone.
Unfortunately I can't afford to attend the group which is a shame, so I am doing it myself (with my husband who wants to lose weight too). Luckily I came across this forum as I really think that it will provide me with some of the support that I think we all need :)
I am starting on SW tomorrow, I have borrowed some books and found a lot of other information on here, so I think I have enough to get me going, I just wanted to write down where I have to start from, before I start getting rid of this weight!!
Thanks for looking, see you on the boards :) x
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Starting Again
Welcome KK,
You've certainly found the right place to help you along with SW - what plan are you going for?
If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'm sure we'll do our best to answer and support.
Hi KittyKat

Well done for taking the step to start SW. I am roughly the same height as you, maybe an inch smaller and I started SW at the end of January this year and am 5lbs from losing 2 stone. I never thought in a million years I would do it I really didn't. I have done ww loads of times and never lost anymore than 10lbs, my friend joined sw, she'd done it before, so thought I'd give it a go and I've never looked back. I will never, ever do any other diet than this. I don't even see it as dieting as I'm never hungry and love the plan, it's so easy.

You'll find as much help and support on here as you could possibly need so have a good nosey through the diaires.

Wishing you lots of luck, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Thank you for the support Paul and Saddle Bags :) Congrats on the weight lost already! It's great to come on here and see that the plan is working for people! I've never wanted to do a "diet" because I always think you put it back on when you stop, that's why I liked the look of the SW plan as it doesn't appear to be a diet, so its great to see you saying that you don't get hungry on it Saddle Bags :)
I honestly don't Kat, it really is so easy. I've been doing extra easy since I started but keep thinking I might do some red days, just to mix it up a bit. Need to read my book and get my head round red days though first.

I lose on average 1-2lb a week, I have had 3 times where I have lost biggish ammounts. I lost 4.5lb twice and a 4lb once and that wasn't restricting myself of anything either.

My only tip is drink loads of no added sugar juice or water, I am real good at doing that at work, I probably drink about 5/6 pints a day but not so good at home, don't know why just don't seem to do it, only with a meal, but it really does boost my losses.

I've borrowed some books, but they're a bit older and don't have extra easy, so I figured I'll do red and green days first then look into EE. Thanks for the tip, I've been saying for a while I don't drink enough water so will really start making an effort with that! :D
Right well, that was a good start!! Went to my grandparents for the day, told them I was starting SW and they said oh, we didn't know you were going to, it's fish and chip day today!! Then checked my diary and I have a friends BBQ on Sunday, so I've figured these few days are going to be a write-off anyway and therefore I am going to meal plan and shop ready for a start on Monday. I really want to do this, I just don't want my first few days to be bad and get disillusioned.
I know that my grandparents will now support me, it was just that they didn't know, and I also know that if I am prepared and meal plan I will stick to it. I feel better having made the decision, I will not go over the top this weekend and start properly on Monday!!


Starting Again
My only tip is drink loads of no added sugar juice or water, I am real good at doing that at work, I probably drink about 5/6 pints a day but not so good at home, don't know why just don't seem to do it, only with a meal, but it really does boost my losses.
I'm the same - drink about 4-5 litres a day at work and next to nowt at home which is fine Mon-Fri but rubbish at the weekend!

It's great advice though and something which I only really worked out once I came on here as my consultant doesn't really push the water thing.....
Right, after being AWOL for a few days here is a bit of an update, I started really well on Monday morning like I said I was going to, however we then got notice to quit from our landlords and unfortunately the healthy eating went out of the window (felt like throwing a few other things out of the window too!!!), I ended up having a kebab and chips for dinner!!
A few other mums at my toddler group have decided to lose weight too, all various methods but we're all going to hopefully support each other and have a "weigh-in" together to hopefully keep us motivated. So this was our first one after starting part of the plan and I lost 6lbs!!!!!! :D (even with the kebab!!!!).
So fingers crossed now I've got over the initial shock of the last couple of days I can get on track and start losing some more!!!
See you tomorrow x

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