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KD I Need Your Expertise Please... (Any help from anyone else appreciated)


Laugh in the face of food
I just want to know if it's possible for CD to stop working? I've lost 2lbs in 3 weeks and I've done nothing different I've been doing SS+, having my water, and measuring my food portions on digital scales. I have accepted that due to being on the pill my losses have been smaller (usually 2lbs a week) this time round, but I didn't expect them to come to a halt. I talked to my CDC and she's at a loss - I suspect she thinks I'm cheating, but truth is I daren't deviate from the plan in case I put on weight.

Do you have any advice? Has this ever happened to any of your clients? I feel like I've lost inches and was expecting a decent loss this week because my clothes are suddenly a lot bigger on me, so I was gutted to STS. Is it possible that my weight will catch up with the inchloss? I've never experienced anything like this before and I'm so frustrated.

I desperately want to get to target because I feel like I've got really strong plans in place for maintainance. I'm desperate to shift this last stone and a half. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Gone fishing
No, it wont stop working. Sometimes when the fat cells empty, it gets replaced by water. It's a bloomin' nuisance, but people usually get a whoosh 'eventually':rolleyes:

I hate the scales this week. They are being very silly for my clients :mad: but it is unusual to have such slow losses for a couple of weeks in a row at your BMI. There again who knows what will happen next week.

At least you are losing inches, so the scales will catch up. It's such a pain though isn't it!


Laugh in the face of food
Thanks for replying, last time I did CD if I had a week with a small loss it was usually followed by a big one the following week. My old CDC said it's because your body doesn't work one week at a time in isolation it evens out over a few weeks.

Unfortunately I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to question if CD is right for me, if Im completely honest the reason I do CD is for the rapid weight loss and because that's not happening I'm starting to feel like I'm getting nowhere. I really want to see this through to the end especially as I'm so frustratingly close to my target. I guess I'll just have to keep up with what Im doing, maybe up my water to 3.5l and hope I don't start retaining water. I'm so frustrated I could cry!


Gone fishing
I'm so frustrated I could cry!
Yeah, I bet :( It's tough isn't it. The thing is, frustrating though it maybe, and slow it appears to be for you at the moment, it still is the fastest way. You just can't get away from that.

So, if you were on another diet, you'd probably be having weeks of plateaus now. Been there, done that.

Okay...so perhaps someone is thinking "hey I swapped to Blah Diet ate more and lost more that week than I did on Cambridge"...but did they? Highly unlikely that they lost more fat, just that water than was holding on decided to release.

You really can't get away from the science of thermogenesis. The question is whether you can keep the faith, knowing that you are losing inches and still losing fat regardless of what the stoopid scales say at the moment.

You say that you feel like you've lost inches. That's good isn't it? Isn't that want you want really? Unless you are planning to walk around town with your weight on a label stuck on your forehead?

Sometimes I wish I could keep the scale results to myself and not tell my clients what they've lost because I have utmost faith that as long as you can do the diet, you will get to your healthy BMI. The scales distract people sometimes, and it all becomes about the weight, and what scales say. When you think about it, it's rarely what the scales say that motivates people to go on the diet in the first place. Usually they just want to get smaller for their own reasons.

Before you know it, it stops feeling quite that way, and the motivation goes soley on the scales.

And yes, I do realise that this sounds idealistic. We all want the scales to reflect our efforts, just that for, at this moment, that's the one thing that they aren't doing. Doesn't mean you aren't reducing fat though. That's still going.

So much easier to said than done isn't it. I'm being too logical I fear. I do feel for you, because it is frustrating. Just hope that something above is helpful for you.


Gone fishing
Just thinking. When was the last time you did an 810 week? Have you done that yet? Might just budge those darn scales


Laugh in the face of food
Thanks KD I'm sure I can keep the faith and keep on going with CD purely because I know if I do any other diet the temptation to overeat is huge and I'm much more likely to slip back into bad habits and start cheating. I had a good long chat with my mum last night and she said more or less the same as you. Ignore the scales for now and focus on inches because it's the inches that make clothes bigger.

I am probably due an 810 week thinking about it. I'm old school CD and am used to having it every 5th week but haven't actually done it this time because I was so focussed on getting rid of the 6lbs I gained at my god daughters christening. So I think I'll have one after my next WI.

I know scientifically I can't stall like this forever it's just temporary (I hope)!

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